Brace Conference 2020


Registration is still ongoing for the 2020 Brace Conference is ongoing.

The Brace Conference is a platform of Rubies Technologies to introduce, teach and encourage kids/teenagers on digital technology while empowering them with the knowledge of coding and programming in general. Rubies Technologies is a social enterprise that equips, empowers kids with digital skills and also make them fall in love with programming.
At this conference kids/teens will learn and listen to children of their age group talk about what they have been working on and how technology has changed a lot of things about them. This platform helps kids to be intentional about the change they want in their society

Do you have a kid or teenager that is interested in technology or want to know more about programming?

The event is totally FREE and it will be ONLINE. The conference is for kids between the age of 5 -19 years old.

This is an opportunity for them to learn at this free conference. Send it to them
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