How To Install The iOS 14 Beta On Your iPhone

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Since Apple announced the forthcoming of the iOS 14, and the cool features pre-loaded on it, quite a number of users are excited about the new features, and desire to run the operating system on their device.

What is a Beta?

A Beta is a Pre-launched version of a software. This version is used to test the stability and work-ability of a software before it is released officially for public usage. While the iOS 14 is billed to be released later in the year, the Beta version is released for people to test the app, and give feed-backs about what needs to be tweaked for stability to be arrived at. Virtually every app and software go through beta phase before getting an official public release.

NOTE: Beta versions are not stable, and are merely for test purposes, so users should understand the risks that are attached to them.

Apple usually announces the release of the next version of their operating system in the middle of the year. However, the update won’t be officially launched till about three- or four-months’ time. If you are looking to use the OS without having to wait for the official version to be released later in the year, then you can test the iOS 14 Beta version.

Apple already launched the iOS 14 Beta for developers, and also, the tech giant launched iOS 14 public Beta version for everyone. You can choose to install any of the two available Beta versions, but if you are not a developer, I would advice you stick to the public version.

Without further ado, let us get into the How-to

How to install iOS 14 Beta for the public

Step 1:

Before starting the install process, it is important that you back up your data, so that you can restore your device back to normal, if something goes south.

Step 2:

Go to Apple’s Beta page, and register your Apple ID. Login to the Beta software program.

Step 3:

Enroll your device.

If you have signed up for an earlier version’s beta program, you would need to uninstall the profile, and re-enroll for the new Beta program.

Step 4:

Visit the Apple Beta profile on the device you want to install the Beta OS on. Download the configuration profile.

Once the configuration profile is downloaded, the option to install will show in the settings. Tap on the option, and follow the installation process.

Step 5:

After installing the configuration profile, the option to download the Beta version will be made available in the Settings app. Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

How to install iOS 14 Beta for Developers

The Developer Beta option is usually released before the Public Beta. This is for developers to develop and test their apps against the features on the new operating system.

Step 1:

Enroll as an Apple developer.

Step 2:

On your browser, go to and log in using your Apple ID. Go to downloads, scroll down to iOS 14 Beta, and tap install profile.

Step 3:

Open the Settings app. Tap the downloaded profile at the top of the main screen, or go to General > Profile > iOS 14 Beta profile. Tap install iOS 14 Beta.

Step 4:

Restart your device.

Step 5:

Go to Settings > General > Software Update. Download and install the iOS 14 Beta.


If the steps are followed properly, and everything goes well, your iPhone should be running on iOS 14 Beta, after all the steps.

Good luck.

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