Getting Started for Data Science Nigeria Bootcamp 2020


    Here is a world-class Artificial Intelligence learning plan towards Ai Bootcamp 2020 is here!
    In 3 days, over 1,200+ have registered for the 70-day Artificial Intelligence learning towards the #AIBootcamp2020 qualification.
    We are excited to confirm that the latest Deep Mind/University College London learning content (June 2020) and instructors will be used for the Deep Learning stream, as available at

    This is a robust, structured, and world-class learning experience you cannot afford to miss.
    The 2020 AI Bootcamp will have dedicated learning streams for business professionals, academic researchers/postdocs, and beginner-to-intermediate students with multiple specialty classes in geospatial analytics, computer vision, Gaussian process, Reinforcement learning, advanced business analytics, Natural language processing, etc.

    Google Classroom and Slack. Daily Session will run for AI+ members to sustain the momentum.
    For details and registration, click

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