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7 Amazing Samsung TV Features You Should Try

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We have a Samsung TV hung against the wall of our living room. Daddy bought it few years ago and he said the tv did cost a fortune and it’s the best he has ever bought in a long time. As a family, we always look forward to watching Football games, playing computer games and seeing movies on the Samsung tv, why? Because the TV gives a feel and an experience like no other.

Modern Samsung TVs without doubts are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and innovative features that boost the viewing experience to new heights. Whether you are a long-time Samsung TV owner or new user, Samsung TVs always leaves a feeling you can hardly find in any other.

There are seven features I have highlighted that I think gives Samsung Tvs a leverage over other options. If you are ready- lets go..

Samsung Smart Hub

The Samsung Smart Hub serves as the central hub for accessing all your favorite content, including streaming services, live TV, apps, and connected devices. With a responsive interface, users can effortlessly navigate through various sources of entertainment, customize their viewing preferences, and discover new content recommendations tailored to their interests.

Ambient Mode

Do you know with Ambient Mode, you can transform your Samsung TV into a lovely piece of art or blend it seamlessly with your home décor using Ambient Mode? Just like magic, this feature allows your TV to display beautiful artwork, photos, or even mimic the pattern of your wall when not in use, creating a visually pleasing environment in your living space.

OneRemote Control

With one remote Control, you can simplify your entertainment setup of your Samsung tv. This feature allows you to control multiple devices with just one remote. From adjusting the volume on your soundbar to navigating streaming apps, OneRemote offers convenience and ease of use, eliminating the need for multiple remotes cluttering your living room.


They say variety is the spice of life. Why limit yourself to one source of entertainment when you can enjoy multiple content streams simultaneously? With Multi-View, Samsung TV owners can split the screen and watch two different programs side by side whether it is a live TV, streaming services, or content from external devices like a gaming console or flash drives.

Game Enhancer

If you are a Gaming enthusiasts like me, you will appreciate Samsung’s Game Enhancer. The Gaming Enhancer is a feature designed to optimize the gaming experience on your TV. It reduces input lag, enhances graphics, and allows you to immerse yourself in smooth, lag-free gameplay – whether you’re playing console games or streaming from a gaming PC.

Universal Guide

Samsung’s Universal Guide organizes personalized content recommendations based on your viewing history and preferences. This will make it easier for you than ever to discover new shows, movies, and trending content across different platforms.

Screen Mirroring and SmartThings Integration

On Samsung Tvs, you can seamlessly mirror content from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to your Samsung TV with Screen Mirroring. Whether you want to share photos, videos, or presentations, this feature makes sharing content with friends and family a breeze. Additionally, you can integrate your Samsung TV with the SmartThings ecosystem to control compatible smart home devices directly from your TV, transforming it into the command center for your connected home.


As I conclude, Samsung TVs offer a wide range of useful features specially designed to enhance your entertainment experience and simplify your viewing habits. From Samsung smarthug to immersive gaming and smart home integration.
Exploring these seven features and more will undoubtedly elevate your feel and experience of your Samsung TV to the next level.

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