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5 Reasons Why Telegram Is Better Than WhatsApp

2 Mins read

Within the last decade, I don’t know if there be any micro-messaging app as popular as WhatsApp and Telegram.
They have become so incorporated into our everyday life that rely we on them to have the least social and business interactions with friends, family, groups and businesses.

However, WhatsApp has long been the dominant force in this game, Telegram on the other hand has gained increased traction and established itself as a challenging competitor. If you are confused about why people believe telegram is better than WhatsApp, Here are five compelling reasons why I culled out for better understanding.

Enhanced Privacy and Security Features

Telegram offers end-to-end encryption for secret chats and optional two-step verification for added account protection. Additionally, Telegram allows users to create self-destructing messages, ensuring that sensitive information disappears after a specified period. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram’s cloud-based nature means that messages are not stored on the device by default, providing an extra layer of security against unauthorized access.

Greater Customization and Control

Telegram also provides a more visually appealing and tailored environment by allowing users to personalize their messaging experience to suit their preferences. With features such as custom themes, stickers, and chat backgrounds. Again, Telegram allows users to create public or private channels, groups, and bots, empowering them to build communities and automate tasks with ease—a level of control and the flexibility that WhatsApp lacks.

Unrestricted File Sharing and Storage

Unlike WhatsApp, which sets limits on file size and types, Telegram enables users to share files of up to 2GB each, including documents, videos, and uncompressed images. Moreover, Telegram’s cloud-based storage ensures that media files and documents are accessible across multiple devices without compromising quality. This unrestricted file sharing and storage capability make Telegram ideal for professionals, content creators, and anyone who regularly exchanges large files.

Cross-Platform Accessibility and Synchronization

Telegram allows seamless synchronization across multiple devices. This feature sets it apart from WhatsApp, which requires a smartphone and connected devices to access the platform. With Telegram, users can access their chats and media from smartphones, tablets, desktops, and web browsers simultaneously, ensuring a consistent experience across all platforms. This cross-platform accessibility makes Telegram more versatile and convenient for users who switch between devices frequently or prefer to use multiple devices concurrently.

Openness and Innovation

Telegram distinguishes itself through its commitment to openness and innovation, regularly introducing new features and improvements based on user feedback and emerging trends. Unlike WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook and subject to its policies and decisions, Telegram operates independently and prioritizes user satisfaction and privacy. This independence allows Telegram to experiment with cutting-edge technologies such as voice chats, video calls, and cryptocurrency integration, staying ahead of the curve and catering to the evolving needs of its user base.


No matter what I say, the fact remains that WhatsApp messaging platforms are more common to all sundry, the reason it has a massive user base. Telegram however offers several distinct advantages that make it a superior choice for many users. From enhanced privacy and security features to greater customization and cross-platform accessibility, Telegram stands out as a versatile, innovative, and user-centric messaging app that continues to redefine the way people communicate in the digital age.

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