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5 Essential Android Apps iPhones Should Have

3 Mins read

The battle for supremacy between the iPhone and Android mobile phones seems ending. The argument for and against whichever brand you support is very valid, but one thing is sure – these brands of smartphones are meeting the needs of their teeming users and also ensure their utmost utility.

I will say I have been privileged to have used both phones, and I confess – it is very tough to say one is outrightly better than the other. I think it all balls down to needs, expectations and satisfaction. The Android phones has its many good sides like their open-source nature and flexibility, but it’s prone to virus infestation and unsolicited advertising. The iPhone on the other hand has better security, restrictions against unsolicited advertising and low risk of virus attacks amongst others.

One interesting thing about the Andriod platform is its array of handy Applications that are mostly free and available for download for almost everything one could think of, unlike the iPhones.

Honestly speaking, Applications work differently on both platforms. For instance, the WhatsApp application for iPhones seems a bit different from that of Androids.

In this piece, we will be exploring Andriod-only applications iPhones should have.

1. Parallel App
While some social media platforms offer limited support for multiple accounts, seamless switching between them remains a challenge. Parallel, an Android-exclusive app, addresses this issue by enabling users to run multiple instances of the same app concurrently. Whether it’s WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other supported app, Parallel simplifies the management of multiple accounts.

By creating shortcuts for installed apps, Parallel transforms them into standalone instances, facilitating sign-in with different accounts for each instance. This versatility extends beyond social media platforms, offering users the flexibility to manage multiple accounts across various applications.

It’s worth noting that Parallel App differs from Parallel Space, available on iOS but with notable limitations. Another iOS alternative, Dual Space, lacks support for as many apps as its Android counterpart.

2. Automate by Llama Labs
When it comes to streamlining tasks through automation, Apple users often turn to the IFTTT app, known for its complex automation capabilities. However, its intricacy can be overwhelming for casual users. While Apple’s Shortcuts app offers a simpler alternative, it lacks the depth of IFTTT. Enter Automate, an Android-exclusive app developed by Llama Labs. What sets Automate apart is its intuitive visual interface, employing a flowchart-based system for crafting custom scripts.

Featuring over 320 task building blocks surrounding actions, event triggers, loops, and more, Automate empowers users to create personalized automation sequences effortlessly. The flowchart-style arrangement of these blocks enhances visualization, making script creation a breeze. While the app is free to use, opting for the $2.99 in-app purchase unlocks Premium mode, allowing users to build scripts exceeding 30 blocks.

Although Tasker is another notable automation app absent on iPhones, many users prefer Automate for its user-friendly approach to automation.

3. Poweramp Music Player
Well-known for its support of hi-res audio codecs, seamless playback, and customizable equalizer, Poweramp Music Player sets the standard for music playback on Android devices. Emphasizing user experience, Poweramp features intuitive gesture navigation for seamless control.

Moreover, users can personalize the app’s appearance by downloading skins from the Play Store, transforming its visual aesthetics to suit individual preferences. While Poweramp comes with a price tag, first-time users have the option to test the app for seven days before making a purchase.

Although VLC Media Player serves as a viable alternative for Apple users, Spotify and iTunes offer some of the same playback features found in Poweramp.

4. Podcast Addict
In the world of podcast apps, Podcast Addict stands out as a comprehensive solution catering to all podcasting needs. Boasting features like automatic episode updates and downloads, variable speed playback, silence skip, volume boosting, and a sleep timer, Podcast Addict offers a robust listening experience.

The app further enhances user experience with a built-in podcast search tool, enabling users to discover specific episodes or explore trending shows across multiple databases. Additionally, Podcast Addict extends its support to video podcasts, YouTube channels, audiobooks, streaming radio, and other media sources.

While iPhone users have access to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Pocket Casts, these apps may lack some of the advanced playback features found in Podcast Addict.

5. File Explorer Pro
Android file explorer apps, options range from free tools to premium offerings. Solid Explorer, a premium file manager, stands out for its ad-free experience and comprehensive feature set. With drag-and-drop controls, a multi-tab interface, and support for network and cloud storage, Solid Explorer offers a streamlined user experience.

For advanced users, features like root explorer, plugin support, and batch operations further enhance functionality. While iPhone users can utilize File Explorer Pro, Solid Explorer provides a more comprehensive solution, albeit restricted by iOS limitations.

As I conclude, it is important to note that Android-only apps offer unique features and functionalities that would enhance the iPhone experience if made available. From automation and multitasking to media playback and file management, these apps cater to various user needs, underscoring the potential for cross-platform integration to enrich the mobile experience for all users.

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