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10 Amazing Features Of iOS 17.4 You Shouldn’t Miss

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Updates are one important thing in the world of technology. Just as it is wildly said – “change is inevitable” Updates like upgrades are the changes that happen in the ever-changing technological space.

Through updates, New features, improvements, services, and modifications are made on an already-existing tech product.

Software products undergo frequent updates meant to either improve services or introduce new functionality all in a bid to meet the insatiable customer needs and expectations.

In this piece we will be looking at ten important features of iPhone’s new iOS version 17.4.

Siri Announces Messages In Chosen Languages

In iOS 17.4, Siri ( a virtual assistant integrated into Apple devices) can now read out messages in multiple languages. These languages include Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, and Spanish. One can seamlessly download and activate these languages in Settings > Siri and Search > Messaging with Siri.

More Information About Battery Health and Life

iOS 17.4 provides a summary of your battery’s health and operating status, along with information about its manufacture and activation dates and the number of charging cycles it has gone through.

Stolen Device Protection

The stolen device protection feature has been so optimized in iOS 17.4 that it will lock out certain iPhone features when you are in new locations, requiring biometric authentication to unlock them. iOS 17.4 adds an extra setting that forces the iPhone to always ask for two biometric authentications, regardless of location all to tighten security.

A More Secured iMessage Protocols

iOS 17.4 brings PQ3, a post-quantum cryptographic protocol, into the iMessage platform. This protocol can withstand attacks from quantum-powered systems that could crack standard encryption.

Periodic Screen Distance Warnings

Screen Distance calculates the distance between your screen and face using the TrueDepth camera and warns you if the screen is within 12 inches of your eyes.

Emotive New Emojis

iOS 17.4 comes with over 100 new emojis, including direction swaps of existing emojis, gender-neutral emojis, and new emojis like a shaking head and a phoenix.

Podcast Transcription Capabilities

The podcasts app now has a transcript feature that displays a transcript of the podcast episode in real-time, allowing you to jump to specific parts of the podcast or search for specific words or phrases.

Apple Cash Online with Virtual Card Numbers

Apple Cash now allows you to generate virtual card numbers for online transactions, providing an added layer of security and privacy.

Verified Business Information on the Call Screen

Call Identification on iOS 17.4 now displays verified information about businesses and organizations when they call, including their official name, logo, and department.

Better Apple CarPlay Manoeuvres

iOS 17.4 allows you to customize the instrument cluster display in CarPlay to show a street view map, providing more information about upcoming manoeuvres and directions. You can also access more information from your vehicle and control car systems through your iPhone.

If you are still hesitating whether to update your iPhone to the latest iOS 17.4, wait no more. With the mouth-watering improved functions and features in 17.4 you had been missing a whole lot.

It will only cost you a decision, a few internet subscriptions and a charged device to get this done.
To update your iPhone to iOS 17.4, simply go to your Settings >> General >> Software Update.

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