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Truecaller Rolls Out A New AI Feature to Offer Better Protection From Spam Calls

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If you’re weary of spam calls invading your daily routine, Truecaller may have the solution. The renowned caller ID app recently unveiled a new premium feature named “Max,” which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to aggressively block unwanted calls. This feature aims to provide a more proactive defense against spam callers.

Here’s the Lowdown on Max

Max enhances Truecaller’s existing spam call detection system. While previously, Truecaller relied on user-reported spam calls and its database of identified numbers, Max takes a step further by using advanced AI algorithms to analyze call patterns. This means it can identify potential spam calls even if the number isn’t in Truecaller’s database, providing protection against the latest spam tactics.

Exclusive to Android Premium Users (for Now)

As of now, Max is only available to premium subscribers on Android devices. Due to Apple’s app store restrictions, Truecaller cannot automatically block calls based on AI identification on iPhones. However, Truecaller is exploring ways to adapt Max for iOS while complying with app store guidelines.

Taking Charge of Your Call Experience

Activating Max is simple for Android premium subscribers. Navigate to Truecaller’s settings, locate the “Block” section, and choose the “Max” protection level. Earlier this setting offered two tabs — Off and Basic — for users to choose from. When set to Off, spam callers are identified but not blocked, and in Basic mode, the app automatically blocks calls from numbers that have been mass-reported to be spammers. Now, there is a new tab labeled Max. Once enabled, Max will automatically block calls identified as spam by Truecaller’s AI, giving you peace of mind and a clutter-free call inbox.

Is Max the Ultimate Solution?

While Max is a robust tool, no spam call blocking system is perfect. There’s always a possibility that a legitimate call may get flagged. Fortunately, Truecaller allows users to review blocked calls and whitelist any mistakenly blocked numbers.
In an interaction with TechCrunch, Kunal Dua, Vice President of Search at Truecaller explained that the company tested “multiple dozen algorithms” across different markets it operates in to identify spam numbers and then used its AI systems to deploy the feature. The company also added that it has taken user feedback to make improvements to the feature and will continue to do so.

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