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NCC kicks-off preparation for 6G and 7G deployment, begins risk assessment

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has called on telecom operators to begin addressing potential risks associated with 6G and 7G wireless technologies ahead of their deployment.

Speaking at an industry risk management conference in Lagos, NCC Executive Vice Chairman, Dr. Aminu Maida, emphasized the need for collaboration, innovation and proactive measures to ensure seamless integration of 6G and 7G into Nigeria’s tech ecosystem.

While 5G brings faster speeds and new capabilities, Maida noted it also expands potential cybersecurity threats with more connected devices and dense infrastructure. As pioneers of 6G look to further boost speeds and capabilities, even greater challenges are anticipated.

While we discuss the current landscape of 5G networks, which boast of wider attack surface due to the increased number of connected devices and denser network infrastructure, it is imperative to even cast our gaze into the future. […] We are witnessing the dawn of 6G technology, the next frontier in wireless communication. With promises of even faster speeds, lower latency, and groundbreaking applications, 6G has the potential to revolutionize the way we experience connectivity,” Dr. Maida said.

Researchers predict 6G and 7G may pose risks to security, health, privacy and ethics as frequencies, tracking capabilities and surveillance potential increases.

However, Maida stressed that with proper precautions, the next-gen tech could positively transform connectivity experiences and industry operations. He advocated stakeholders work together to assess risks and implement robust management strategies.

NCC Head of Risk Management, Kelechi Nwankwo, concurred emerging tech brings both opportunities and threats. He called for collective responsibility to enable innovation while safeguarding the industry’s growth.

Experts emphasized leveraging AI to predict risks and training staff to be proactive in reporting potential issues. Some also highlighted how quantum computing, blockchain and advanced analytics could help secure 6G networks.

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While 6G’s arrival is years away, researchers urged starting preparations now, learning from the gradual addition of 3G, 4G and 5G. With proactive collaboration between regulators, operators and vendors, Nigeria’s telecom industry can harness 6G’s potential while minimizing associated risks.

Maida affirmed NCC’s commitment to enabling innovation and ensuring infrastructure stability. As pioneers lay the groundwork for 6G and 7G, the industry must work together for smooth integration of these futuristic technologies to deliver connectivity benefits to Nigerians.

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