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Motorola Unveils Under $100 Android 14 Smartphone Better Than The iPhone 15 Specs

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I remember growing up, one of the phones you can easily find in the Palms on many is a Motorola blue light or the razor. One of the many reasons people prefer Motorola over other brands is because they are always handy and durable.

Over the years, one won’t be wrong to say that the Motorola brand of mobile phones has been successfully overtaken, especially in this age of smart devices by other brands like the iPhone, Samsung etc

However, the company seems to be back again, as it unveils one the most budget-friendly smartphone featuring Android 14. The Motorola Moto G04 price starts from approximately $85 and is set to hit the market on February 22. The company made it known that even the highest tier of the Moto G04 variant, equipped with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, will remain under $100. This aligns with the ongoing promotion of the Moto G Play in the US.

Despite its remarkably low price, the Moto G04 boasts a display that operates 50% faster than that of the $700 iPhone 15, highlighting the widening gap between Apple’s iPhone Pro series and its regular lineup: Can you believe that! Notably, the recent unveiling of the display specifications for the new Galaxy S24 further emphasizes the seemingly extravagant price of the iPhone 15.

Remarkably, even the modest Moto G04 manages to outperform the iPhone in a significant aspect.
For instance, the Moto G04 features a 90Hz display refresh rate, surpassing the iPhone 15’s stagnant and choppy 60Hz refresh rate, a benchmark now achievable even by $100 smartphones. While its other specifications may not match those of the iPhone, the fact that it competes at all is noteworthy.

Additionally, the Moto G04 boasts a substantial 5,000 mAh battery, likely providing superior battery life compared to the iPhone 15, especially given its 6.6-inch HD+ resolution display. It includes a side-mounted fingerprint scanner and face unlock functionality with the 5MP selfie camera.

On the rear, the device sports a 16MP primary camera, alongside budget-level chipset and 15W charging speed, which are considered standard for its price range. Despite this, the Moto G04 retains Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a 3.5mm audio jack. Its water-repellent body is available in four attractive color options: Concord Black, Sea Green, Satin Blue, and Sunrise Orange, adding a touch of sophistication to what is arguably the most cost-effective Android 14 smartphone available.

Regrettably, Motorola’s Android update policy for its entry-level devices suggests that the G04 may remain on Android 14 indefinitely- disappointing right? However, given its target market in India and sub-$100 price point, this limitation is unlikely to significantly deter potential buyers, as long as Motorola fulfils its promise of providing security updates.

What is your take from all you have known about the pocketfriend device: Is it worth it? Can you stick deep into your purse to get this alluring mobile when it hits the market in your country?

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