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How to Highlight Soft Skills on Your CV

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Searching for a Job that aligns with your skill set is a job on its own while applying for the job is another job you can’t afford to do wrong. So many job seekers don’t know how to position themselves to land their dream job, all they do is copy a CV format online, insert their details, and start submitting to job sites – while they complain about recruiters not getting back to them. However, many job seekers struggle to convey their soft skills effectively on their resumes, leading to missed opportunities. Ibukun Amosu a Tech Entrepreneur on his X (formerly Twitter) handle recently shed light on what might be wrong with your CV and also offered valuable insights into how to address it. As your tech ally, we’re here to delve into this topic and guide you through highlighting your soft skills on your CV to increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Soft Skill Explained

Soft skills are invaluable in the workplace, contributing to personal and professional success. Unlike hard skills, which are technical and specific to a particular job, soft skills are transferable and applicable across various roles and industries. Examples of soft skills include communication, time management, flexibility, teamwork, and critical thinking.

However, simply listing soft skills on your CV without demonstrating how you’ve applied them is insufficient. To stand out to recruiters and hiring managers, you must showcase your soft skills through concrete examples of past experiences and achievements. Here’s how you can effectively highlight your soft skills on your CV:

  1. Communication: Instead of merely stating that you possess strong communication skills, provide specific examples of how you’ve effectively communicated in previous roles. For instance: “Communicated project updates to team members, fostering collaboration and ensuring alignment.”
  2. Teamwork: Demonstrate your ability to work collaboratively by showcasing instances where you’ve successfully collaborated with others to achieve goals. For example: “Collaborated with cross-functional teams to achieve project milestones ahead of schedule, demonstrating adaptability and cooperation.”
  3. Problem-solving: Highlight your problem-solving skills by describing how you’ve analyzed complex issues and implemented solutions. For instance: “Analyzed complex issues and implemented innovative solutions, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.”
  4. Leadership: If you’ve held leadership roles or demonstrated leadership qualities, provide examples of how you’ve led and motivated teams. For example: “Led a team of customer sales reps, providing guidance and support to achieve sales objectives.”
  5. Adaptability: Showcase your ability to adapt to change and perform well under pressure. For example: “Adapted quickly to changes in project scope and requirements, maintaining high performance under pressure.”
  6. Creativity: If creativity is essential for the role you’re applying for, highlight instances where you’ve demonstrated creative thinking. For example: “Developed and implemented creative marketing strategies, resulting in increased customer engagement.”
  7. Customer Service: If the role involves interacting with customers, emphasize your customer service skills and the positive feedback received. For example: “Delivered exceptional customer service, exceeding customer expectations and receiving consistently positive feedback.”

Incorporating these examples into your CV will effectively showcase your soft skills and increase your chances of impressing recruiters and securing interviews. Remember to tailor your examples to the specific requirements of the job you’re applying for, and always prioritize quality over quantity when highlighting your soft skills on your CV. With a well-crafted resume that effectively showcases your soft skills, you’ll be well-equipped to stand out in today’s competitive job market.

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