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Google to shut down Google Pay and consolidate payment services under Google Wallet

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Google has announced it will be shutting down its Google Pay app on June 4th, 2024. The move comes as part of an effort to consolidate the company’s payment services under Google Wallet.

Google Wallet, which allows users to store debit and credit cards for contactless payments, was introduced in 2022. According to Google, it has seen five times the number of users compared to Google Pay. Beyond just payments, Google Wallet can also hold public transit passes, event tickets, vaccine cards, driver’s licenses, and other digital IDs.

Once Google Pay shuts down, users will no longer be able to send or request money from friends and family through the app (Peer-to-peer payments were a key feature of Google Pay). Users will have until June 4th to transfer any funds from their Google Pay accounts to their bank accounts. After that date, the app will cease functioning.

Google Pay first launched in 2015 under the name Android Pay before being rebranded in 2018. Over the years, Google’s approach to mobile payments has been fragmented across multiple apps including Google Wallet, Android Pay, and Google Pay. The company now appears to be simplifying its offerings for consumers by focusing on Google Wallet.

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The shutdown only applies to the U.S. version of the app. Google Pay will continue to be available in countries like India and Singapore – where the company says it serves “unique needs.”

While Google Pay is going away in the U.S., the Google Pay website will remain active. Users can utilize the website after June 4th to manage any remaining funds left in their accounts and transfer them to their bank.

The end of Google Pay marks the latest product shutdown for Google. The company recently discontinued its cloud gaming service Stadia and AI chatbot service AI Test Kitchen. As Google Wallet gains traction, eliminating Google Pay allows the company to focus resources on its primary payment app.

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