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5 New Features Of iOS 17.4 For Your iPhone

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The iPhone is a productline of smartphones produced by Apple Inc. iphone devices run on iOS mobile operating system developed by the company. The first-generation iPhone was released January 9, 2007 by the then CEO- Steve Jobs.

iPhone OS 1 is the first of iOS developed for Apple’s mobile operating system. It was succeeded by iPhone OS 2 on July 11, 2008. Apple over the years has been consistent in improving the functionality of it’s operating systems at every new release. From 2008 till date, the iOS journey has transversed through dusk and dawn to bring about the replete of improvements on every OS.

iOS 17.4
In the preceding month, Apple officially announced the upcoming release of iOS 17.4 scheduled for March, introducing various enhancements and modifications for iPhone users.

Key Features of iOS 17.4

Major App Store Changes in the EU
In compliance with the EU’s Digital Markets Act, iOS 17.4 brings significant alterations to the App Store, Apple Pay, Safari, and more. Users in the 27 EU member countries will now have the option of alternative app marketplaces and payment methods on the App Store.

Apple Podcasts Transcripts
With the new update, the Apple Podcasts app introduces transcripts for podcasts. Users can now read the complete text of an episode, search for specific words or phrases, and navigate to particular parts of the episode by tapping on the text. Transcripts are automatically generated for episodes in English, French, German, and Spanish.

SharePlay for HomePod
iOS 17.4 expands the SharePlay music control feature to HomePod speakers. This functionality allows friends and family to control music on your HomePod with your approval. While limited to the Music app for now, this feature enables remote music playback control without requiring an Apple Music subscription.

New Emoji
For emoji lovers, the update includes several new emoji additions, such as a broken chain, a brown mushroom, a head shaking horizontally and vertically, a lime, and a phoenix: bringing about additional choices for non-verbal expressions

Next-Generation CarPlay Preparations
iOS 17.4 lays the groundwork for next-generation CarPlay with the inclusion of code for eight new CarPlay apps which are:

Auto Settings: This enables the management of paired iPhones and adjustment of vehicle settings.
Car Camera: Displays the vehicle’s rear-view camera feed.
Charge: Designed for electric vehicles, provides battery level, charging status, time remaining until full charge, and more.
Climate: Grants access to a vehicle’s climate controls within CarPlay, allowing adjustments to temperature, fan speed, heated seats, and more.
Closures: Displays information on opened vehicle doors and possible warning symbols.
Media: Provides access to FM and AM radio controls within CarPlay, including options like SiriusXM. The connectivity of SiriusXM, whether satellite or internet streaming, remains uncertain.
Tyre Pressure: Displays air pressure for each tyre, offering warnings for low pressure, high pressure, and flat tyres.
Trips: Offers various driving-related data, including average speed, fuel or energy efficiency, total time elapsed, and distance travelled on a trip.

Apple has confirmed the release of the first U.S. vehicle models equipped with next-generation CarPlay in 2024. iOS 17.4 sets the stage for an enriched user experience, combining innovation and functionality across various aspects of Apple’s ecosystem.

What more do you ask for? If you desire to experience the thrill of the moment, enhanced functionality and a wow experience on your iPhone: simply head to you setting – General- Update to treat your iPhone a new and better iOS.

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