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Berlin-Based ProcureTech Startup Akirolabs Raises $5M In Seed Funding

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Akiro means “procurement” in Esperanto, the universal world language. Just as the origin of the name implies, the company strives to become the platform for connecting people with different backgrounds, cultures and languages to change businesses for the better through procurement strategies with purpose and sustainable business value.

Established in 2021 by Michael Pleuger, Detlef Schultz, Christoph Flöthmann, and Tim Ergenzinger, Akirolabs specializes in developing and delivering an AI-powered SaaS platform tailored for collaborative strategic procurement. The platform is grounded in strategic procurement process, methodology, and toolkit, which is seamlessly integrated into a cross-functional collaboration workflow and enriched with pertinent internal and external business insights.

Additionally, the company has appointed Jens Rassloff as the Chairman of the Advisory Board.

The Berlin-based ProcureTech startup Akirolabs recently announced that it has successfully secured $5 million in Seed funding. The funding round was led by HTGF, OTB Ventures, and D11Z, with contributions from Fredrick Spalcke, Heiko Schwarz, Markus Ehrle, and Detlef Schultz.

Akirolabs said it plans to use the funds to advance its SaaS product and bolster its AI capabilities. Moreover, the funding will support the company’s endeavors to expand customer growth and enhance business operations.

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