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The 25 Biggest Advertisers in the World and Their Remarkable ROI

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In the bustling world of advertising, a brand’s ability to make an impactful impression amidst the competition is crucial. The global advertising arena witnessed mammoth spending from various industry giants in 2022, each aiming to secure a place in consumers’ hearts and minds. These budgets often reach astronomical figures, and the return on investment (ROI) from these expenditures can be nothing short of astounding. Let’s delve into the intriguing insights behind the 25 biggest advertisers and the remarkable Return on Investment (ROI) they achieved from their advertising expenditure in 2022.

25. Pepsi – $3 billion

Pepsi’s advertising budget in 2022 reached $3 billion, focusing on its diversified beverage portfolio. Their ROI stands at 28.8x, reflecting the substantial return generated by their strategic ad campaigns.

24. Nike – $3.8 billion

Nike invested $3.8 billion in advertising, maintaining its iconic brand presence. Their ROI clocked in at an impressive 12x, a testament to their consistent marketing strategies that resonate with consumers globally.

23. Walmart – $3.9 billion

Walmart allocated $3.9 billion to promote its extensive range of products and services. Surprisingly, Walmart boasts the highest ROI among the top 25, an astonishing 146.9x, showcasing the power of its strategic advertising campaigns.

22. Estee Lauder – $3.91 billion

Estee Lauder invested substantially in promoting its luxury beauty and skincare brands, achieving an ROI of 4.5x, reflecting the effectiveness of their targeted marketing efforts.

21. Stellantis – $4.3 billion

With an ad budget of $4.3 billion, Stellantis, a global automotive group, recorded an ROI of 44x, indicating the efficacy of their marketing campaigns in driving sales and brand awareness.

20. Coca-Cola – $4.32 billion

Coca-Cola’s marketing expenditure of $4.32 billion resulted in a remarkable ROI of 10x, a testament to its enduring brand and captivating advertising initiatives.

19. Toyota – $4.4 billion

Toyota’s substantial ad spend of $4.4 billion generated an impressive ROI of 60.7x, solidifying its position as one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers with effective marketing strategies.

18. McDonald’s – $4.5 billion

McDonald’s investment of $4.5 billion in advertising yielded a robust ROI of 5.2x, showcasing the effectiveness of its promotional efforts in the highly competitive fast-food industry.

17. Warner Bros – $4.8 billion

Warner Bros invested $4.8 billion in advertising, achieving an ROI of 7x, reflecting the success of their marketing campaigns for their diverse entertainment offerings.

16. Tencent Holdings – $4.9 billion

Tencent Holdings’ advertising budget of $4.9 billion translated into an impressive ROI of 16.8x, underlining the success of its strategic marketing initiatives across various digital platforms.

15. Volkswagen – $5 billion

Volkswagen’s significant advertising investment of $5 billion led to an exceptional ROI of 58.8x. Their marketing strategies effectively communicated the brand’s values, resulting in a substantial return on investment.

14. – $5.1 billion’s robust marketing budget of $5.1 billion resulted in a remarkable ROI of 29.7x. The e-commerce giant’s strategic advertising campaigns played a pivotal role in driving consumer engagement and boosting sales.

13. – $6 billion’s advertising spend of $6 billion translated into an ROI of 2.9x. While their ROI appears relatively lower compared to others on this list, their impactful marketing strategies remain integral in the competitive travel industry.

12. AB InBev (Budweiser) – $6.8 billion

AB InBev allocated $6.8 billion to promote its renowned beverage brands, achieving an ROI of 8.5x. Their marketing efforts have continually engaged consumers and amplified brand recognition.

11. Walt Disney Corp – $7.2 billion

Walt Disney Corp invested $7.2 billion in advertising, resulting in an impressive ROI of 11.5x. Their multifaceted entertainment empire’s marketing campaigns have consistently resonated with audiences worldwide.

10. Comcast Corp – $7.7 billion

With an ad budget of $7.7 billion, Comcast attained an outstanding ROI of 15.8x. Their strategic marketing endeavors across broadcasting and cable television services have proven lucrative.

9. Unilever – $7.8 billion

Unilever’s advertising spend of $7.8 billion led to a commendable ROI of 7.7x. Their diverse portfolio of consumer goods relies heavily on effective marketing strategies that captivate consumers globally.

8. Google (Alphabet) – $7.9 billion

Despite a comparatively moderate advertising budget of $7.9 billion, Google achieved an exceptional ROI of 35.8x. Their strategic marketing tactics across digital platforms continue to yield significant returns.

7. Nestle – $8 billion

Nestle’s substantial advertising investment of $8 billion resulted in a commendable ROI of 12.4x. Their effective marketing strategies bolstered their position in the global food and beverage market.

6. LVMH – $10.4 billion


LVMH’s sizable advertising budget of $10.4 billion led to a remarkable ROI of 7.6x. The luxury conglomerate’s strategic advertising campaigns reinforce the allure of its prestigious brands.

5. Procter & Gamble – $11.1 billion

Procter & Gamble’s significant investment of $11.1 billion in advertising returned a remarkable ROI of 7.2x. As a consumer goods powerhouse, their effective marketing strategies play a critical role in maintaining brand loyalty and expanding market presence.

4. Alibaba – $12.6 billion

With an advertising expenditure of $12.6 billion, Alibaba achieved an impressive ROI of 10.7x. The e-commerce giant’s strategic advertising campaigns have been pivotal in strengthening its position in the global market.

3. L’Oreal – $13.1 billion

L’Oreal’s investment in advertising amounted to $13.1 billion. Their ROI stood at 2.9x, indicating the revenue generated for every dollar spent on advertising. Renowned for its beauty and cosmetic products, L’Oreal strategically allocates its advertising budget to maintain its global brand presence and capture consumer attention across various demographics.

The company’s effective marketing campaigns encompass diverse product lines, targeting specific consumer segments with tailored messages. Leveraging celebrity endorsements, influencer collaborations, and innovative digital campaigns, L’Oreal consistently engages its audience, reinforcing its brand image as a leader in the beauty industry.

2. ByteDance (TikTok) – $19.2 billion

ByteDance allocated $19.2 billion to advertising and attained a commendable ROI of 3.2x. As the parent company of TikTok, ByteDance’s strategic marketing has propelled the app to unparalleled popularity globally.

1. Amazon – $20.6 billion

Amazon’s substantial advertising budget of $20.6 billion resulted in a noteworthy ROI of 10.9x. The e-commerce titan’s targeted and innovative marketing strategies have significantly contributed to its immense success and market dominance.

Each of these top advertisers employs meticulous strategies to effectively utilize their advertising budgets, fostering brand recognition, consumer trust, and market growth. By consistently optimizing their marketing efforts, these companies achieve impressive returns on their advertising investments, further solidifying their positions in their respective industries.

The ROI Magicians

The measure of a company’s success in advertising doesn’t solely rest on the size of their budget, but also on their ability to generate revenue from it. Here’s a look at the Top 25 advertisers ranked by their extraordinary Return on Investment:

25. L’Oreal – 2.9x

24. – 2.9x

23. ByteDance (TikTok) – 3.2x

22. Estee Lauder – 4.5x

21. McDonald’s – 5.2x

20. Warner Bros. Discovery – 7x

19. Procter & Gamble – 7.2x

18. LVMH – 7.6x

17. Unilever – 7.7x

16. Anhsuser-Busch InBev – 8.5x

15. Coca-Cola – 10x

14. Alibaba – 10.7x

13. Amazon – 10.9x

12. Walt Disney Corp – 11.5x

11. Nike – 12x

10. Nestle – 12.4x

9. Comcast Corp – 15.8x

8. Tencent Holdings – 16.8x

7. PepsiCo – 28.8x

6. – 29.7x

5. Google (Alphabet) – 35.8x

4. Stellantis – 44x

3. Volkswagen – 58.8x

2. Toyota – 60.7x

1. Walmart – 146.9x

These brands not only invested substantially in advertising but also reaped incredibly high returns on their investments. This analysis showcases that while the size of advertising budgets is crucial, the efficiency in utilizing those funds to generate revenue is equally pivotal in the competitive landscape of global marketing.

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