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Formless Garners $2.2M In Pre-Seed Funding Round

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Cambridge-based Formless has successfully secured $2.2 million in Pre-Seed funding for its decentralized network infrastructure dedicated to property rights management and revenue distribution. This funding round witnessed contributions from notable entities such as a16z Crypto CSS, Beacon web3 accelerator, and individual investors, including Sandeep Nailwal, Ryan Fang, Dharmesh Shah, and Dallas Austin.

The utilization of these funds is earmarked for several strategic objectives. Formless plans to bolster its development team, fortify the technological underpinnings, ensure a seamless customer experience within the network, and advance the development of the SHARE Protocol.

At the helm of Formless is Brandon Thorpe, the Founder and CEO, leading a company driven by a mission to craft both virtual and physical experiences that empower individuals to lead more enriching lives. Central to their vision is the SHARE Protocol, a groundbreaking initiative facilitating developers, creators, and organizations to leverage a unified property ownership network. This framework allows them to harness the potential of decentralized digital rights management, offering incentives and network effects tied to revenue sharing within a collaborative multiplayer digital economy.

Among the prominent contributors to this funding round are Sandeep Nailwal, recognized as the Co-Founder of Polygon Network, Ryan Fang, serving as the Co-Founder and COO of Ankr, Dharmesh Shah, the Founder and CTO of HubSpot, and Dallas Austin, a Grammy-award winning producer who also holds the position of CEO at Dallas Austin Distribution.

As Formless propels forward with this injection of capital, its commitment to refining technology, expanding its team, and advancing the SHARE Protocol remains steadfast. The company’s dedication to creating a platform that intertwines the virtual and physical realms to enhance the overall human experience underscores its significance in the evolving landscape of decentralized network infrastructure for property rights and revenue sharing.

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