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YouTube is testing ‘Play Something’ button for random videos

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In a bid to capture the ever-elusive attention of its vast user base, YouTube is testing a new feature that might just be a game-changer. The video-sharing giant is now testing a ‘Play Something’ button on its mobile app, which offers users a randomized selection of videos to enjoy when the endless scroll leaves them indecisive.

First spotted by Android Police, this feature is placed strategically in between content as users scroll through their homepage. However, it is important to note that not all users have access to this button yet. While Android Police mentioned that the button primarily directs users to YouTube Shorts, some users claimed to have been directed to random full-length videos.

The functionality seems straightforward – you press the ‘Play Something’ button, and YouTube takes you on a spontaneous journey through its extensive library. While it remains unclear how YouTube selects these random videos, it could be a combination of your viewing history and platform recommendations.

This novel feature brings an element of surprise and serendipity to your YouTube experience, similar to what Netflix introduced with its ‘Play Something’ option in 2021.

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YouTube has been actively competing with rivals like TikTok and Meta’s Reels. Notably, the platform announced that, as of July 2023, an astounding 2 billion people log in every month to enjoy YouTube Shorts. This figure places it ahead of TikTok, which boasts around 1.7 billion users. This ‘Play Something’ button is yet another creative attempt by YouTube to maintain its user engagement and rivalry in the short-form video world.

The feature’s release is still ongoing and not available to all users.

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