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Effortless Steps to Download and Install Tableau Public App for Windows and Mac

2 Mins read
  • Tableau Public is a free and powerful data visualization tool designed for data enthusiasts, professionals, and novices alike.
  • How to Download Tableau public on Desktop
  • Where to download Tableau public on Desktop

Data analysis and visualization play a pivotal role in understanding complex information. Among the numerous tools available, Tableau stands out as a preferred choice for data analysts. Leveraging Tableau Public, analysts perform preliminary analyses using comprehensive datasets, providing clarity through visualization. Here’s a comprehensive guide to download and install Tableau Public Desktop effortlessly on your Windows or Mac system.

Downloading Tableau Public Desktop:

Step 1: Access the Tableau Website

Visit the Tableau website via the link: Tableau Public Download. Review the system requirements to ensure compatibility.

Step 2: Initiate Download

Click on the prominent ‘DOWNLOAD TABLEAU PUBLIC’ button displayed at the center of the screen. This action redirects to a registration page.

How to download Tableau Public

Step 3: Registration

Fill in the required registration details, including First Name, Last Name, business or school email, and select your Country/Region from the drop-down menu. Review the Privacy Statement and proceed by clicking ‘Download the App’ once more. The download process commences instantly. If not, follow the on-screen instructions to retry the download for your respective operating system—Mac or Windows.

Select the download option for your operating system

Installing Tableau Public Desktop:

Step 1: Access the Download

Once the download completes, locate the downloaded ‘Tableau Public Desktop’ file.

For Windows:

Execute the installer by running the file and follow the installation prompts as directed.

For Mac:

Open the Disk image file (.DMG) and double-click on the installer package (.PKG) to commence the installation process.

Step 2: Installation Procedure

Upon initiating the installation, you’ll encounter a ‘Welcome’ screen. Confirm that the product specified is the ‘Tableau Desktop Public Edition.’ Proceed by reviewing and accepting the licensing agreement to continue the installation.

Finalize Installation

Adhere to the default settings and click ‘Install.’ This action concludes the installation process, enabling you to delve into the robust functionalities offered by Tableau Public Desktop.

Additional Download Options for Tableau Public:

Apart from the direct download from the Tableau website, you can also acquire Tableau Public Desktop from alternative sources:

  • App Stores: Check your respective app stores, such as the Microsoft Store for Windows or the App Store for Mac, for Tableau Public Desktop.
  • Authorized Download Sites: Some authorized software repositories or distribution sites might offer Tableau Public Desktop for download.

About Tableau Public:

Tableau Public is a free and powerful data visualization tool designed for data enthusiasts, professionals, and novices alike. It empowers users to create compelling visualizations, dashboards, and stories from diverse datasets, fostering better insights and comprehension. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Tableau Public stands as an essential tool for data analysis, making complex data accessible and understandable for everyone.

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