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X Rolls Out Audio and Video Calling Feature as Part of its Transformation into an “Everything App”

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In an ambitious stride towards becoming an all-encompassing “everything app,” X, formerly Twitter, is introducing a preliminary version of video and audio calling to selected users. This development was announced by the platform’s chief technology officer and owner, Elon Musk, who is ardently steering X in a new direction, aiming to reshape it as a multifaceted super-application.

Musk shared a post on the platform that offered instructions for enabling this feature, which he described as an “Early version of video & audio calling on X.” This latest addition follows a series of transformations and enhancements to the core experience of the platform since Musk’s acquisition of the social media giant nearly a year ago.

After rebranding Twitter into X, Musk has expressed his vision to evolve the platform into an all-in-one super-app. This app is expected to offer an array of services, encompassing messaging, social networking, and peer-to-peer payment solutions.

The anticipation for this feature was teased by Musk back in August, with the promise that users wouldn’t need a traditional phone number to access it. Furthermore, this feature will be made available on a variety of platforms, including Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and personal computers.

In a recent announcement, X declared its plans to test a new subscription model, introducing a nominal annual fee of $1 for basic features. This new subscription, aptly named “Not A Bot,” will require users to pay for actions such as liking, reposting, quoting other users’ posts, and bookmarking content on the web version of the platform. The introduction of this subscription model is aimed at combating bot accounts and spammers. The fee will vary based on exchange rates and will be implemented differently in various countries.

Initially, this new subscription model will be accessible to users in New Zealand and the Philippines, allowing X to gather insights and feedback for further refinements.

With these strategic changes and a clear vision for its future, X is taking significant steps towards transforming into a comprehensive “everything app,” with features and services that cater to a multitude of user needs, further expanding the platform’s capabilities and appeal.

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