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WhatsApp Introduces ‘View Once’ Mode for Voice Notes in Beta: Your Voice Messages Just Got More Private

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WhatsApp, the ever-evolving messaging platform, is making headlines this week with a flurry of new updates. After recently introducing support for passkeys on Android and revamping its user interface, the Meta-owned messaging giant is back with a game-changing feature: ‘View Once’ mode for voice notes. Now, both iOS and Android users can send self-destructing voice messages, enhancing privacy on the platform. This feature is currently in the beta testing phase, but it’s expected to roll out to a wider audience soon.

A New Layer of Privacy

The ‘View Once’ mode has already proven valuable for images and videos on WhatsApp, allowing users to send media that can only be viewed once. Now, this privacy-enhancing feature is extending to voice notes.

According to reports from WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing this feature with select beta users. It’s currently available on WhatsApp beta for Android via the Google Play Store and WhatsApp beta for iOS through the TestFlight app. The compatible updates for ‘View Once’ mode for voice notes include WhatsApp beta for Android and On iOS, WhatsApp beta reportedly supports this feature.

For now, this feature is limited to beta testers, but it’s expected to reach a broader audience in the coming days.

Voice Notes with a Twist

Voice notes sent with the ‘View Once’ mode enabled come with a privacy guarantee. These messages can’t be saved or forwarded to other users, ensuring that your voice messages remain solely between you and the recipient.

When sending a voice note in ‘View Once’ mode, users will notice the familiar ‘View Once’ icon in the chat bar. Tapping this icon activates the feature. Once the recipient listens to the voice note, it can’t be replayed, saved, or shared further.

WhatsApp’s dedication to enhancing privacy doesn’t stop here. The platform is also working on a new secret code feature for locked chats. This feature will allow users to create a custom password for their protected chat folders, offering an extra layer of security.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp introduced support for passkeys on Android, which enables secure account logins using biometric authentication or the device’s PIN. This feature adds an extra security layer, allowing users to access their WhatsApp accounts conveniently.

WhatsApp’s relentless focus on improving user privacy and security keeps the platform at the forefront of instant messaging apps. Stay tuned for more updates as WhatsApp continues to innovate and evolve.

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