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Switzerland-Based Copresence Secures Over $6M In Seed Funding

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Zurich, Switzerland-based company Copresence has successfully secured over $6 million in Seed funding to further advance its efforts in the realm of digital avatar generation software. Although the backers of this funding remain undisclosed, the influx of capital is set to drive the company’s expansion and advance the development of its innovative technology, which will enable the creation of photorealistic 3D avatars using nothing but a smartphone.

Les by CEO Radek Mackowiak, Copresence has carved a niche in the digital avatar landscape by offering an adaptable solution for today’s connected world. The company’s artificial intelligence software platform empowers users to effortlessly generate highly realistic 3D avatars of themselves through the simple use of a smartphone. Notably, this technology boasts seamless compatibility with leading 3D engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

The potential applications of Copresence’s platform are far-reaching. Users and developers can efficiently ceeate high-quality, lifelike avatars within minutes, opening doors to a multitude of uses. These avatars find utility in various domains, spanning gaming, virtual environments, augmented reality, mixed reality (often referred to as XR), and video conferencing. By providing users with a means to represent themselves authentically through personalized 3D avatars, Copresence enhances character representation and the overall user experience across these diverse mediums.

As I come to a close, it is important to reiterate the impact of Copresence’s recent Seed funding accomplishment as a significant milestone for the company’s need to expand its frontiers. Under the watch of CEO Radek Mackowiak, Copresence has firmly positioned itself to harness the growing demand for immersive and realistic avatar technology that allows users to create photorealistic 3D avatars effortlessly using nothing more than a smartphone. Furthermore, with compatibility across leading 3D engines, the potential applications of Copresence’s software extend across the expanse of gaming, virtual and augmented reality, mixed reality, and video conferencing, promising more authentic character representation and personalized experiences.

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