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Preggify Launches All-In-One Healthcare Platform For Pregnant Women in Africa

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Founded in 2022, Preggify is a technology-powered healthcare platform committed to delivering comprehensive healthcare services to women across Africa. The core ethos of Preggify is to empower women pursuing their career aspirations by removing any barriers posed by pregnancy and childcare responsibilities. In a stride towards advancing its mission, the company has recently launched a user-friendly app to broaden its reach, enhance traction, and attract a larger customer base. Concurrently, Preggify is actively seeking to secure equity capital to further fuel its growth.

The African demographic landscape witnessed approximately 45.84 million births in 2022. Notably, a significant portion of these births involve career-oriented women who often find themselves compelled to pause or relinquish their professional aspirations temporarily in order to prioritise providing optimal care for their children both before and after childbirth. This struggle hit close to home for Dr. Ifunanya Igweze, the CEO and co-founder of Preggify. Being a medical doctor herself, she has witnessed numerous expectant mothers grappling with inadequate access to quality healthcare due to the demands of their careers and other life obligations. Tragically, this shortfall in care has even led to the loss of children. It is this stark reality that inspired the conception of a platform that seamlessly connects expectant mothers with essential healthcare services right at their fingertips. Dr. Ifunanya Igweze teamed up with the current CTO and co-founder, Temitayo Peter, to bring this vision to life.

Preggify has already made a significant impact, offering care and education to over 2,000 career women within its community. The recent launch of the web app serves to extend these crucial services to an even larger audience. The driving belief behind this move is to democratise access to healthcare, especially for pregnant women in Africa. Temitayo, the CTO and co-founder of Preggify, emphasised the effort invested in creating a simple and convenient app that caters to the needs of women seeking essential services effortlessly.

What sets Preggify apart is its deep-rooted understanding of African women’s unique needs regarding maternal care. The platform has introduced a standout feature known as the Pregnancy Academy, offering a wealth of information to women and their carers. This educational hub covers an array of health practises, feeding and sleeping patterns, and beneficial exercises, all designed to ensure a healthy lifestyle for both mother and child. Preggify’s 24/7 bespoke support channel further elevates the platform, providing a comprehensive healthcare facility and a supportive community, all without the constraints of a traditional brick-and-mortar structure.

The importance of Preggify’s mission hasn’t gone unnoticed, gaining validation from esteemed advisors like Mr. Babatunde Akin-Moses. Recognising the pressing need to address healthcare for African women, he applauds the founders and their visionary initiative. According to him, healthcare for African women remains an often overlooked and, thus, untapped market. He sees tremendous potential in Preggify’s team, composed of talented health and tech professionals, to deliver a comprehensive solution addressing this critical gap in the industry.

Preggify’s recent endeavours mark a significant leap forward in their mission to revolutionise maternal healthcare across Africa. The launch of the intuitive app and their ongoing quest for equity capital amplify their commitment to enhancing accessibility and support for expectant mothers. By aligning technology, education, and empathetic support, Preggify is well-positioned to be a transformative force, making tangible differences in the lives of countless women and their families across the continent. The support and recognition from advisors further underline the potential of this innovative platform, underscoring the trajectory of growth and societal impact that lies ahead for Preggify.

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