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Mumbai-Based Done Deal Raises $800K In Pre-Seed Funding

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Done Deal is a Mumbai-based company specialising in a data-driven platform dedicated to facilitating mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

co-founded by Rohit Raj, Aneesh Sivakumar, and Ankur Jain, Done Deal company commenced its journey earlier this year. Their vision is clear – to create an all-encompassing operating system of products and services designed to support startups at every stage of their development, from the initial ideation phase to the ultimate exit strategy. The company is tackling this ambitious goal in phases, with the first phase focusing on modernizing the traditional acquisition process. Done Deal aims to achieve this by constructing a dynamic platform that enables the anonymous exploration and discovery of pre-vetted startups by potential acquirers worldwide.

The company’s progress and potential have already attracted substantial attention in the industry. With over 500 startups already listed on their platform, spanning various sectors including consumer goods, fintech, and SaaS/AI, Done Deal has emerged as a significant hub for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Moreover, they’ve managed to assemble a roster of over 100 prominent corporate buyers who are actively exploring the opportunities presented by the platform. In a testament to their effectiveness, Done Deal has also facilitated two successful acquisitions, one of them being the acquisition of Flatheads.

Just recently, the company secured a significant infusion of Pre-Seed funding, totalling a substantial $800,000. This promising financial milestone, indicative of the company’s potential and market value, was achieved through a collaborative effort involving several key investors and contributors. Among those leading the charge was Gruhas, and their involvement was complemented by The BarberShop with Shantanu, Raisers Edge, WFC, Capital-A, Dezerv Innovation Fund, and ICE.VC, alongside a group of angel investors who recognized the transformative power of Done Deal’s approach to M&A.

The primary objective behind this funding round is to facilitate a strategic acceleration of product development, in conjunction with the expansion and scaling of Done Deal’s innovative platform. This surge of financial support will significantly contribute to their mission of redefining the M&A landscape by providing a robust infrastructure for startups and potential acquirers to connect and collaborate.

This recent injection of $800,000 in Pre-Seed funding serves as a critical milestone for Done Deal. It not only signifies the recognition of their innovative approach but also empowers the company to move forward with enhanced vigour and resources.

Mergers and acquisitions are indeed a vital aspect of the business world. They often represent significant opportunities for startups to scale their operations, gain access to new markets, and secure additional resources for growth. However, the traditional M&A process has been marked by inefficiencies, barriers to entry, and a lack of transparency. Many startups, despite having innovative solutions, struggle to navigate the complex landscape of M&A. This is where Done Deal comes in.

The impressive number of startups already on the platform and the successful acquisitions facilitated demonstrate the real-world impact Done Deal is having. By connecting startups with corporate buyers, they are driving innovation and growth in various sectors. The acquisition of Flatheads serves as a testament to their ability to match the right startups with the right acquirers.

As I come to a close, the $800,000 Pre-Seed funding round, led by Gruhas and complemented by a diverse group of investors marks a significant step forward for Done Deal. It will enable the company to continue developing and scaling its transformative platform, which has the potential to revolutionize the M&A process for startups and acquirers alike. The enthusiastic response from the startup community and corporate buyers further highlights the importance of Done Deal’s mission. By simplifying and enhancing the M&A process, Done Deal is fostering innovation and growth in the startup ecosystem, ultimately contributing to the evolution of the business world.

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