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5 Helpful Ways To Protect Your iPhone Battery Health

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In this present time of high interconnectedness, our smartphones have become inseparable extensions of ourselves, facilitating our daily tasks, keeping us connected, trendy and providing a gateway to a vast digital world. At the heart of these devices lies a vital component: the battery. The iPhone, a beloved and widely used smartphone, is no exception. Preserving the health of your iPhone’s battery is crucial to ensuring its longevity and optimal performance.

What Is Battery Health In iPhones?
One of the features to check when buying a used iPhone or monitor when using an iPhone is the battery health. Battery health on an iPhone refers to the state and overall condition of the device’s battery. It is a feature introduced in iOS 11.3 and later versions that allows users to monitor and assess the health of their iPhone’s battery. Battery health can easily be located under settings, battery, then battery health; it reads in percentage.
In this piece, we will be looking at five easy steps to judiciously care for and protect your iPhone battery health for maximum functionality.

1. Optimise Charging Habits
Do you know the way you charge your iPhone can significantly impact its battery health? Leaving your iPhone plugged in overnight or for extended periods unnecessarily can stress the battery and reduce its capacity over time. Opt for shorter, intermittent charging sessions to keep the battery in good condition.

2. Use Apple-Certified Chargers and Accessories
I know the economy has been unfriendly with the unprecedented increase in the prices of commodities. However, it is essential to use genuine chargers and accessories provided by Apple. Authentic chargers are designed to deliver the appropriate voltage and current to your iPhone, safeguarding its battery from potential damage. Third-party chargers may not adhere to the same standards and could harm your battery’s health in the long run.

3. Mind the Temperature
Do you know extreme temperatures, whether too hot or too cold, can be detrimental to your iPhone’s battery life and health? It is in your best interest that you avoid exposing your iPhone to direct sunlight and never leave it in a hot car. Conversely, refrain from using your iPhone in extremely cold temperatures. Keeping your iPhone within the recommended temperature range will help preserve its battery health.

4. Regular Update
Apple regularly releases iOS updates, and these updates often include optimizations and improvements in battery management. Keeping your iPhone updated to the latest iOS version ensures that you benefit from these enhancements, potentially enhancing your battery’s health and overall performance.

5. Monitor and Manage Background App Activity
I guess you are unaware that background app refreshes and myriad notifications can drain your iPhone’s battery even when you’re not actively using the apps. It’s advisable to review and manage app permissions, allowing only essential apps to send notifications or refresh in the background. This will reduce unnecessary battery consumption and contribute to a healthier battery life.

Taking these measures and many others you may find on the manufacturer’s website will protect your iPhone’s battery health, which not only ensure a longer-lasting battery but also enhance your overall iPhone experience. A well-maintained battery allows you to use your iPhone with confidence, knowing it won’t run out of power unexpectedly and disrupt your day.

Let me conclude by reiterating how indispensable our mobile phones are, as they have become deeply ingrained in our daily routines. Protecting and optimising our iPhone’s battery health is essential to maintaining its performance, longevity, and reliability. Implementing these simple yet effective practises can go a long way in ensuring that your iPhone remains a faithful companion, serving you well throughout its life.

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