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WhatsApp Working on iPad Support and Improved Group Calling Interface

2 Mins read
  • WhatsApp is testing iPad support, allowing users to use the app on their tablets.
  • The beta version for iOS is enabling iPad access through Apple's TestFlight.
  • iPad users can sync recent messages even when their primary smartphone is offline.
  • The "Create call link" option is replaced with a simpler "New call" option in the Calls tab.
  • A floating action button (FAB) with a plus icon is added for easier call initiation.
  • WhatsApp is testing "Key Transparency" for enhanced security and encryption verification.

Exciting News for iPad users as WhatsApp is reportedly testing iPad support and introducing improvements to its group calling interface. These updates aim to provide users with a more seamless and versatile messaging experience. Here’s what you need to know about these forthcoming changes:

iPad Support on the Horizon

WhatsApp is finally making its way to Apple’s iPads, offering users the ability to use the popular messaging app on their tablets. The feature is currently being tested, and it comes several months after WhatsApp introduced support for linking additional iPhone or Android devices. This means that iPad users will soon have the option to use WhatsApp in companion mode.

To access WhatsApp on your iPad, you’ll need to be part of the beta testing program via Apple’s TestFlight app. Spotted on WhatsApp beta for iOS by WABetaInfo, The WhatsApp beta for iOS allows users to install the app on their iPad. Just like WhatsApp on phones, it’s expected that the iPad version will require iOS 12 or a newer version.

Once WhatsApp is set up on your iPad, you can seamlessly link it with your primary smartphone using the companion mode. Users who are on the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS should be able to open WhatsApp Settings and then tap on Linked devices > Link a device in order to start the process of linking a new device in companion mode. This allows you to sync recent messages to your tablet and continue texting even if your primary smartphone is out of network coverage or powered off.

WhatsApp beta for iPad can now be downloaded via the TestFlight app

WhatsApp beta for iPad can now be downloaded via the TestFlight app

Enhanced Group Calling Interface

WhatsApp is also working on improving the user experience for group calls. The latest beta version for Android, WhatsApp beta, introduces changes to the group calling interface. Notably, it replaces the “Create call link” option in the Calls tab on the app’s main screen with a more straightforward “New call” option, accompanied by the text “Call one or more of your contacts.” Additionally, a floating action button (FAB) with a plus icon has been added to the bottom right corner of the interface.

While the group call participant limit remains at 32 members, including the caller, the update allows you to add all 32 participants to the call right from the beginning. This change is expected to reduce confusion and streamline the process of initiating group calls.

Security Enhancements

In addition to these interface updates, WhatsApp is also focusing on security. The platform has begun testing a feature called “Key Transparency,” designed to simplify the process of verifying security numbers and ensuring end-to-end encryption in conversations. This feature aims to enhance security and user confidence in the privacy of their messages.

WhatsApp’s commitment to ongoing development and improvement underscores its dedication to providing users with a secure, user-friendly, and feature-rich messaging experience. As these updates are currently in beta testing, it may take some time before they are rolled out to the wider WhatsApp user base. Keep an eye out for these exciting enhancements in future WhatsApp releases.

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