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SaaS Platform Bevz Raises $3.1M In Funding

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Based in Los Angeles California is Bevz is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform provider. Bevz platform formatting utilizes cutting-edge technologies specifically designed to meet the unique needs of convenience stores, thereby empowering them to streamline their operations in several vital parts, including inventory management, purchasing inventory from distributors, and integrating with various e-commerce applications such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub.

CEO of Bevz Jason Vego has no doubt been instrumental in the company’s success journey. One unique feature of Bevz’s solution is its impressive array of more than 15 API (Application Programming Interface) integrations that connect seamlessly with a variety of third-party services. These integrations encompass a wide spectrum of industry leaders, including DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber, Core-Mark, Plaid, Stripe, DocuSign, and many others. These integrations enable convenience store operators to access a comprehensive suite of tools and services that enhance their efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

Bevz recently announced a raise of $3.1 million in funding in a funding round chaired by Dynamism Capital and Golden Section Ventures. It also garnered participation from several prominent investors, including Stage 2 Capital, Hustle Fund, Bridge Investments, Tiller Partners, Irish Angels, Operate Studio, Silicon Beach Investment Group, and Gryphon Ventures.

The infusion of $3.1 million in capital signifies a key moment for Bevz, positioning the company on the part of growth and expansion. According to the company, the funds raised will be strategically channelled to various areas, including bolstering sales and marketing efforts, facilitating national expansion, continuous product development, and enhancing customer success resources. These initiatives collectively aim to strengthen Bevz’s position as a leading player in the SaaS space catering to independently operated and small chain liquor/convenience stores.

Bevz’s SaaS platform is actively been utilized by hundreds of convenience stores operating across ten different states in the United States providing small and independently operated stores with the tools and capabilities they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

As Bevz looks ahead to the future, it is well-equipped to scale its operations, broaden its geographical footprint, and continue refining its product offerings. The company’s commitment to enhancing the capabilities of convenience stores through technology and automation remains unwavering, and this funding round is a crucial step in that direction.

Bevz’s successful funding round of $3.1 million represents a significant breakthrough in the company’s quest to empower independently operated and small chain liquor/convenience stores. With a robust SaaS platform, a strong leadership team, and a growing user base, Bevz is poised to redefine how these stores operate and compete in an ever-evolving market landscape. The backing of esteemed investors further solidifies Bevz’s position as a key player in the industry and paves the way for a promising future of growth and innovation.

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