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Google’s ChromeOS 117 Update Brings Exciting New Features to Chromebooks

2 Mins read
  • Google is bringing customizable Material You design to Chromebooks
  • Chromebook now use machine learning to figure out your unplugging habits to charge it to 100% slowly

Google is once again enhancing the ChromeOS experience with the rollout of ChromeOS 117. This update introduces several exciting features that promise to make Chromebooks even more versatile and user-friendly. Let’s dive into the key highlights of this latest update:

Material You Design Customization

One of the standout features of ChromeOS 117 is the introduction of Material You design customization. Chromebook users can now personalize their devices by selecting a wallpaper and color palette of their choice. These chosen settings will be reflected in various areas of the user interface, including quick settings, the desktop, and window head bars. This customization feature allows users to tailor their Chromebook’s appearance to match their personal style.

Chromebook customizable Material You design

Screenshot by TechCrunch

Redesigned Quick Settings Menu

The quick settings menu receives a fresh look in this update, featuring larger buttons and slider bars. This design revamp aligns the quick settings menu more closely with the slide-down settings menu found in Android 13 on Pixel phones. The enhanced accessibility and aesthetics of the quick settings menu aim to streamline the user experience on Chromebooks.

Intuitive Window Organization

ChromeOS 117 introduces a new window organizer, making it easier than ever to manage open windows. Users can arrange their windows by simply pressing the Everything button + Z or hovering over the “Maximize” icon on an app window. Once activated, this feature allows users to place apps into split-screen, partial, and full views or make them float over other windows. This functionality enhances multitasking capabilities on Chromebooks.

Seamless Calendar Integration

Chromebook users now have the convenience of joining video calls directly from the calendar view. With a single click, you can initiate or join meetings directly from your calendar, streamlining the process of managing your schedule and attending virtual gatherings.

chromebook calendar view from the bottom bar

Image credit: Google

Adaptive Charging for Improved Battery Life

To enhance battery life, ChromeOS 117 introduces adaptive charging. By navigating to Settings > Device > Power > Adaptive charging, users can enable this feature. Adaptive charging optimizes the charging process by initially charging the device to 80% and then using machine learning to adapt to the user’s unplugging habits, ultimately charging to 100% at an optimal rate. This feature aims to prolong battery health and overall longevity.

Image credit: Google

Additional Enhancements

ChromeOS 117 brings several other useful features to Chromebooks, including the ability to select shared albums from Google Photos for rotating wallpapers. Users can now search for GIFs directly from the emoji picker. Time-lapse recording through the webcam is now supported, expanding creative possibilities. Additionally, the launcher search results now provide essential information such as RAM, power status, and OS version.

With ChromeOS 117, Google continues its commitment to improving the Chromebook experience, offering users greater flexibility, personalization, and enhanced functionality. This update is set to enhance the daily computing experience for Chromebook users across the globe.

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