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Bolt Launches €25,000 In Seed Fund To Empower Nigerian Drivers

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Bolt, the renowned ride-hailing operator, has unveiled an impactful entrepreneurial and training initiative designed to empower drivers in Nigeria known as the Accelerator Program. This program is developed to empower drivers in Nigeria by providing them with a €25,000 seed fund. This initiative comes in a joint effort between Bolt and The Nest Innovation Park.

The objective of this initiative is to financially support business plans created by Nigerian drivers that align with Bolt’s Africa City Vision, particularly focusing on sustainable transport.

The collaboration with The Nest Innovation Park is crucial, as their network of mentors will guide eligible drivers in developing their business plans. This mentorship will be instrumental in preparing the drivers for a pitch day scheduled for November. Simultaneously, Bolt is set to launch the Bolt Academy, an online training program tailored for Nigerian drivers. The objective is to promote business development skills and support future career development. This training will be facilitated by Coursera, supplemented by in-person sessions with PM4Success International.

The Bolt Accelerator Program encompasses both the seed fund and the training initiatives. The aim is to enhance drivers’ journey from simply providing rides to entrepreneurial ventures, amplifying economic growth prospects throughout Nigeria. Caroline Wanjihia, Bolt’s Regional Director of Rides for Africa, emphasized the significance of this program in transforming drivers’ lives and making a tangible impact on communities.

The role of drivers as the heartbeat of the ride-hailing business cannot be overemphasized, making it imperative to offer them enhanced economic empowerment opportunities. By doing so, Bolt aims to make its platform even more attractive to drivers. Oluwajoba Oloba, Co-founder at The Nest, expressed alignment with Bolt’s commitment to the prosperity and welfare of stakeholders, emphasizing the potential to positively impact both individuals and the country’s innovation landscape.

Hadi Moussa, Managing Director EMEA at Coursera, conveyed their excitement and willingness to contribute to this initiative, in helping to unlock the potential and nurture entrepreneurship spirit among Bolt drivers. It is hence clear that the Bolt Accelerator Program will not only foster individual growth by imparting crucial business skills but also hold the promise of positively impacting Nigeria’s economic landscape in the long run. This initiative demonstrates Bolt’s dedication to empowering and uplifting the ride-hailing community in Nigeria, marking a significant step towards sustainable transport and economic growth.

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