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United States Based Protocol Bluesky Raises $8M In Seed Funding

2 Mins read

Bluesky, a public benefit corporation based in the United States, has successfully raised $8 million in seed funding. The company’s primary mission is to develop and promote the widespread adoption of technologies that facilitate open and decentralized public conversations. The funding round was led by Neo, a prominent investor in the blockchain industry, and saw participation from notable individuals such as Joe Beda, Bob Young, Amjad Masad, Amir Shevat, Heather Meeker, Jeromy Johnson, as well as companies like Automattic and Protocol Labs. This significant influx of capital will be instrumental in Bluesky’s plans to expand its team, manage operational and infrastructure costs, and foster the growth of the AT Protocol ecosystem and associated applications.

Under the leadership of Jay Graber, Bluesky is currently focused on building the AT Protocol, which serves as a fundamental framework for enabling public conversations in an open and transparent manner. The protocol is designed as an open-source solution, allowing developers and users to have insight into its development and construction. One of its key features is the establishment of a standard format for user identity, connections, and data on social applications. This format facilitates interoperability between different social apps, enabling users to seamlessly transition between platforms. The AT Protocol operates on a federated network model, emphasizing account portability and user autonomy. With the protocol nearing completion, Bluesky has developed a microblogging client application that showcases the capabilities of the protocol and provides users with an introduction to the future social web built on the AT Protocol.

Bluesky initiated a beta testing phase for the application in February, inviting several hundred users to provide feedback and help refine the platform. By the end of April, the user base had grown to over 50,000 individuals. As part of their organic growth strategy, Bluesky periodically distributes invitations to existing users, allowing the network to expand gradually while maintaining a focus on user experience and platform stability.

The successful seed funding round represents a significant milestone for Bluesky, validating the company’s vision and attracting support from a diverse group of investors and industry operators. The financial resources secured will enable Bluesky to expand its team, ensuring a broader range of expertise and accelerating the development of the AT Protocol and associated applications. Additionally, the funds will be allocated to managing operational costs and maintaining the necessary infrastructure to support the growing user base.

Bluesky’s commitment to transparency, openness, and user-centric design positions the company as a disruptive force in the social media landscape. By establishing the AT Protocol and facilitating interconnectivity between social applications, Bluesky aims to challenge the current centralized model prevalent in the industry. The protocol’s emphasis on user control and account portability empowers individuals and fosters a more inclusive and decentralized digital environment.

Looking ahead, Bluesky plans to continue refining the AT Protocol and expanding the capabilities of the microblogging application. Through ongoing iterations and feedback from users, the company aims to create a robust and user-friendly platform that showcases the potential of the AT Protocol. As the network grows and user adoption increases, Bluesky envisions a future where public conversations are conducted on an open and decentralized infrastructure, free from the limitations and biases often associated with centralized platforms.

The successful seed funding round signifies an exciting chapter in Bluesky’s journey to revolutionize the way public conversations occur in the digital realm. With a dedicated team, a clear vision, and the necessary financial backing, Bluesky is well-positioned to drive the development and adoption of open and decentralized technologies, ultimately shaping the future of online discourse and social interaction.

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