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Microsoft Expanding Bing AI Chat Support to Chrome and Safari for Select Users

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Microsoft is making strides in enhancing its Bing AI chatbot experience by reportedly expanding its support to other browsers like Google Chrome and Safari. While the official rollout is yet to be announced, several reports suggest that Microsoft is indeed testing the Bing chat feature with select users in specific regions. Currently accessible only to Microsoft Edge users, this expansion aims to provide a seamless Bing AI chat experience across various browsers, offering users greater convenience and accessibility. As the testing phase unfolds, users who are chosen for the trial will receive access to Bing Chat through a pop-up message, introducing them to the chatbot’s capabilities and features.

Bing AI Chatbot

A New Frontier in User Experience The integration of Bing AI chatbot across browsers is a strategic move by Microsoft to further streamline user experience and bring its advanced AI capabilities to a wider audience. The chatbot is designed to engage users in conversational interactions, helping them find information, answer queries, and assist with tasks in a more personalized and interactive manner. By expanding the availability of Bing AI chat to Google Chrome and Safari, Microsoft aims to increase user engagement and accessibility, enabling more individuals to experience the benefits of AI-driven assistance.

Testing the Waters

What to Expect Though Microsoft has not officially announced the rollout, various reports have confirmed that the company is indeed testing Bing AI chat on Chrome and Safari. A select group of users in specific regions are being granted access to test the feature’s performance and functionality. Users chosen for the trial will receive a pop-up message on their Windows 10 or 11 taskbar, guiding them to explore Bing Chatbot on Google Chrome. The chatbot will come equipped with native dark mode enabled, but users will also have the freedom to switch between light and dark modes using the hamburger menu.

Feature Limitations

A Temporary Setback As with any testing phase, the Bing AI chat expansion to Chrome and Safari does come with a few limitations. The chat feature on Chrome currently supports up to five messages per conversation, with a character limit of 2,000. In comparison, Bing on Edge provides support for up to 30 messages, accommodating 4,000 characters. These limitations are likely to be temporary as Microsoft gathers feedback and fine-tunes the chatbot’s performance before the full-fledged rollout.

The Road Ahead

Awaiting the Official Announcement While the initial testing phase is ongoing, Microsoft has yet to announce the official rollout of Bing AI chat on Chrome and Safari. For users who are not part of the select testing group, a pop-up message prompts them to consider downloading Microsoft Edge for a seamless Bing AI chat experience. As the company continuously refines its AI-driven technologies, the future of Bing AI chatbot on various browsers holds great promise for enhanced user interactions, improved search experiences, and greater convenience in accessing information.


Microsoft’s expansion of Bing AI chat support to Google Chrome and Safari represents a significant step towards empowering users with advanced AI-driven assistance across browsers. As the testing phase progresses, select users are gaining access to Bing Chat, providing valuable feedback and insights to fine-tune its performance. With the potential to revolutionize user experiences and simplify information retrieval, the Bing AI chatbot holds promise for a more interactive and personalized search journey. As we await the official rollout, Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing user experiences through AI-driven innovations continues to reshape the future of browsing and search functionalities.

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