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Zillow Utilizes AI to Transform Home Listings and Enhance Buying Experience

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Seattle-based real estate technology company Zillow is revolutionizing the way homes are showcased and sold by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Through its brand ShowingTime+, Zillow has introduced the “Listing Showcase” experience, which aims to create immersive and captivating listings that stand out from the competition and accelerate home sales. By incorporating advanced photography features, interactive floor plans, and AI-driven selection of hero images, Zillow is enhancing the online home viewing experience for buyers.

Enhanced Features and Interactive Experience

The “Listing Showcase” experience introduces several features that make home listings more engaging and informative for potential buyers. Some of the highlights include:

  • An immersive interactive floor plan, allowing buyers to gain a comprehensive understanding of a home’s layout.
  • Users can seamlessly toggle between photos, the interactive floor plan, and a virtual tour, providing a holistic view of the property.
  • The floor plan overlay helps connect photos to their corresponding locations within the home, enhancing the overall navigation experience.
  • Media is conveniently grouped by room, facilitating easy exploration for buyers.
  • Additionally, a self-rotating high-resolution photo carousel showcases the property from various angles.

AI-Driven Selection of Hero Images

Zillow utilizes AI algorithms to select “hero images” for its Showcase listings. These hero images are chosen based on buyer preferences and are directly linked to specific rooms or areas within the interactive floor plan or room-by-room displays. This intelligent image selection ensures that the most appealing and relevant visuals are prominently showcased, capturing the attention of potential buyers and providing a deeper understanding of the property’s unique features.

Zillow users can jump to any selected panorama in a 3D home tour using the interactive floor plan, at right, in a Listing Showcase. (Zillow Image)

Zillow users can jump to any selected panorama in a 3D home tour using the interactive floor plan, at right, in a Listing Showcase. (Zillow Image)
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Continuous Improvement and Future Enhancements

Zillow is committed to improving the Listing Showcase experience by introducing new functionality and AI-enabled features in the coming months. Listing agents will soon have the ability to utilize AI-generated insights to identify the key home facts and features that matter most to potential buyers. These insights can then be highlighted in the listing, further enhancing its appeal and relevance.

Market Availability and Expansion

The initial release of Listing Showcase is available in major cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Seattle. The subscription-based offering will be accessible to a select number of listing agents in each market. As Zillow continues to refine and expand its innovative approach to home listings, more agents and markets are expected to benefit from this immersive and AI-driven selling experience.

Zillow’s Strategic Focus

In its latest quarterly earnings report in May, Zillow beat estimates for Q1 revenue as it continues to deal with a slumping housing market. With its recent shift away from iBuying and towards building a comprehensive “housing super app,” Zillow aims to address various aspects of the real estate market, encompassing buying, selling, and renting. By investing in areas such as touring, financing, seller solutions, partner network enhancements, and service integration, Zillow aims to increase engagement, customer transactions, and revenue per transaction.


Zillow’s incorporation of AI technology into its Listing Showcase experience represents a significant step forward in the real estate industry. By providing immersive visuals, interactive floor plans, and AI-selected hero images, Zillow is transforming the way buyers explore and evaluate properties online. As the company continues to refine and expand its offerings, the home buying process is expected to become more seamless, engaging, and efficient, benefiting both buyers and listing agents.

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