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Web3 Gaming Company Fusionist Raises $6.6M In Seed Funding

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Binance Labs, the venture capital arm and accelerator of Binance, recently co-led a seed funding round of $6.6 million for Fusionist, a prominent Web3 gaming company. The funding round, which took place in May 2022, was also joined by FunPlus, a leading player in the Web2 gaming industry. This investment aligns with Binance Labs’ commitment to supporting early-stage Web3 gaming projects and fostering a robust Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Fusionist is known for its innovative sci-fi game trilogy that combines management simulation, tactical RPG, and strategic 4X genres. The games are set in the 2800s, where Earth has become largely uninhabitable. Players assume the roles of Commanders, embarking on a mission to explore the universe, search for habitable homes, and propagate humanity across the galaxy.

The games developed by Fusionist offer captivating gameplay and introduce collectible NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Additionally, Fusionist incorporates innovative multi-gaming mechanics, aiming to create a scalable Web3 gaming space with effective player segmentation and organic growth. Initially, the games will be launched on the BNB Chain before expanding to other Layer-1 networks.

Expressing excitement about the collaboration, Fusionist’s CEO, Ike T, expressed gratitude for Binance Labs’ strategic investment and partnership. He believes that with the support of one of the industry leaders, Fusionist can achieve new heights in the future.

Within a short span of five months, Fusionist has impressively grown its community to include 800,000 members. The company has successfully launched three NFT series and is currently conducting Beta testing on the popular video game distribution platform, Steam. Binance Labs anticipates that Fusionist will deliver an exceptional gaming experience while fostering an interactive and engaged user base.

The seed funding raised by Fusionist will be instrumental in accelerating the development of games and expanding the Endurance Mainnet ecosystem, which was introduced in January 2023. Furthermore, Fusionist aims to enhance user growth by recruiting top-tier gaming and Web3 professionals to strengthen its team’s capabilities.

As the venture capital arm and accelerator of Binance, Binance Labs has achieved substantial growth, now valued at over $9 billion. The portfolio of Binance Labs encompasses 200 projects from over 25 countries across six continents, with an impressive rate of return on investments exceeding 10X. Notably, fifty of the projects in Binance Labs’ portfolio have successfully completed their incubation programs.

Fusionist, as a blockchain-based gaming company, offers a range of games featuring collectible NFTs. With a focus on delivering scalable and sustainable next-generation Web3 games to players worldwide, Fusionist has strategically deployed more than 50 developers globally over the past year to build its suite of gaming products.

In conclusion, the recent seed funding round led by Binance Labs and FunPlus has provided a significant boost to Fusionist, a prominent Web3 gaming company. Fusionist’s innovative sci-fi game trilogy, along with its emphasis on NFTs and multi-gaming mechanics, promises to create a scalable Web3 gaming space. With the funding secured, Fusionist is poised to accelerate its game development, expand its ecosystem, and attract top-tier talent to further enhance its capabilities. The partnership with Binance Labs reinforces Fusionist’s position in the Web3 gaming industry and highlights the growing interest and investment in this exciting sector

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