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Twitter to Release Video-Centric Picture-in-Picture Mode Feature, Says Elon Musk

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Twitter is set to introduce a new feature called picture-in-picture (PiP) mode for videos, according to an announcement by Elon Musk on Monday. This upcoming feature will allow users to watch videos in a small window while scrolling through their timelines, eliminating the need to wait for the video to finish playing. Musk, who recently transitioned from CEO to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Twitter, revealed these planned changes and features for the popular social media platform.

Alongside the PiP mode, Musk also shared details about another feature that will enable users to forward and rewind videos by up to 15 seconds. This addition aims to enhance the video viewing experience and provide more control over playback.

The announcement was made in response to a Twitter user named Jesse Daugherty, known as @jtdaugh, who inquired about upcoming Twitter updates. Musk, the 51-year-old billionaire, confirmed the forthcoming features, signaling the platform’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

In recent times, Musk has been actively involved in introducing various features and updates to Twitter. Notably, he expanded the character limit for tweets, allowing Twitter Blue users to exceed the previous 250-character constraint. These developments reflect Twitter’s ongoing efforts to enhance user engagement and provide an enriched social media experience.

As Twitter prepares to roll out the picture-in-picture mode and the ability to forward and rewind videos, users can anticipate a more seamless and interactive video viewing experience on the platform. These new features align with Twitter’s commitment to adapt to users’ needs and preferences, cementing its position as a leading social media platform in the digital landscape.

With a paid subscription worth $8, the Twitter Blue service brings along the verification badge as well as the feature to edit tweets and write longer posts for the paid subscribers.

As of now, it remains unclear if Twitter’s upcoming feature will be available for all users or just Twitter Blue subscribers.

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