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Twitter Now Lets Users Log In/ Sign Up via Google Account, Apple ID

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Twitter has taken a major step towards making the login and sign-up process easier for its users. The social media giant has introduced new sign-in and sign-up options, allowing users to sign up for the platform with their Apple ID or Google account. This move is a part of Twitter’s ongoing efforts to simplify its login process and make it more user-friendly.

This new feature will make it more convenient for new users to join Twitter. By using their Apple ID or Google account, users will be able to bypass the process of manually creating a new account on Twitter, which can be time-consuming and often deters potential users from signing up. With this feature, users can simply link their Twitter account to their existing Apple or Google account and start using the platform immediately.

Existing Twitter users can also benefit from this new feature. They can now link their Apple ID or Google account to their Twitter account, making it easier for them to log in without having to remember their Twitter login details. However, it is important to note that existing users will need to make sure that the email address on their Apple ID or Google account is the same as the one on their Twitter account.

The new functionality was announced through a tweet by Twitter Support. It mentions that Twitterati can now log in or sign up to the micro-blogging platform with either their Apple or Google accounts. The latter works on the app and the Web while the former, Apple ID, only works on iOS devices as of now. Twitter says that Apple account login functionality should soon arrive for the Web version, but there is no mention if Android users will be getting it.

The Google account login functionality will work on Android, iOS, and desktop apps as well as Web browsers. The signup process has also become easier as it bypasses the need to enter an email address, password, name, and user handle. User handle options will automatically be suggested for a new user by Twitter. The process now only requires new users to select their languages and sync their smartphone contacts to find and connect with existing users on the platform.

A Twitter support page mentions that users have the ability to disconnect their Apple or Google accounts, but it is currently limited to Web users only.

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