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Twitter Begins Testing Government ID-Based Verification for Blue Subscribers

2 Mins read

Twitter is reportedly testing a feature that allows subscribers to submit government-issued ID to have their profiles verified on the platform. Code-level insights reveal that the company is working on the ability to process users’ government-issued IDs. Users will also be required to send in a photo of their ID, both front and back, along with a selfie photo to verify their Twitter account. The microblogging platform is yet to announce any plans to launch such a feature, which is expected to make its way to Twitter Blue subscribers.

Watchful.Ai, an AI-based app analysis and insights firm, spotted Twitter Blue’s new verification process, which requires users to submit a government ID and an image of themselves. Details of the feature were recently discovered on the Twitter app for Android phones, according to the firm, which told the publication that the feature might be in testing in the US.

Elon Musk, last year, as you may recall, controversially revamped the Twitter verification process by moving from the older verification system, where the Twitter blue tick verification badge is only for notable people — such as celebrities, politicians, or other public figures — to a system where users could purchase a verification checkmark.

Image Credits: screenshot of Twitter app

According to another screenshot of the purported feature, Twitter displays a pop-up card informing users that they will need to submit the front and rear sides of their government ID, along with a selfie. The process takes three minutes, as the text on the screenshot indicates.

As shown in the screenshots provided by, Twitter informs users that the new verification process will take about three minutes and their information and images will be shared with a third party for the purpose of verifying their identity. This indicates Twitter isn’t handling the verification process itself, but is working with a provider who does the heavy lifting for it.

Screenshot of the Twitter Government ID verification

Image Credits: screenshot of the Twitter app

Screenshots of the feature, shared with TechCrunch by, show the Early Access section in the Twitter Blue settings app contains a new ID Verification option. The new feature is shown along with other options such as the ability to edit tweets, use NFTs as profile pictures, upload longer and full-HD videos, and the ability to undo tweets.

As previously mentioned, there’s no word from Twitter on whether the company plans to launch such a feature soon.

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