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Biomimicry: 20 Robots designed to mimic the behaviours of animals

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Robotics has come a long way in terms of its design and functionality. While early robots were often blocky and unappealing, modern-day robots are designed to mimic the appearance and behavior of animals. This approach is known as biomimicry, and it involves using the natural world as a source of inspiration for technology.

These modern-day robots are modeled on the shape, structure, and movements of animals. They are designed to perform tasks in a variety of settings, and used for a variety of purposes, including search and rescue, surveillance, and industrial inspections.

One example of a robot inspired by an animal is the Boston Dynamics robot, which was designed to mimic the movements of a cheetah. This robot is capable of running at speeds of up to 28 miles per hour, and it has been used for a variety of applications, including search and rescue operations.

Here are 20 robots that were inspired by animals:

Miro the Robot Fish

Developed by researchers at MIT, Miro is a biomimetic robotic fish that can swim in the ocean and interact with real fish to study their behaviors and communication patterns.

Robugtix T8X

This spider-like robot, inspired by the anatomy of arachnids, can walk, climb and even dance with precision movements that mimic a spider’s agility.

Bionic Bird

This drone bird, modeled after a real bird, can fly with amazing accuracy and maneuverability, making it an ideal tool for surveillance and filming.


This amphibious robot inspired by the complex movements of the salamander. It was designed to walk on land and in water (using a wetsuit).


This robotic fish, modeled after the barracuda, can swim and maneuver with remarkable speed and agility.

Scorpion Hexapod

This six-legged robot, modeled after a scorpion, can move and navigate through rugged terrain with ease.


Inspired by the jellyfish, this underwater robot can swim effortlessly through water, while gathering information about oceanic environments.

Snake Swimming Robot

This snake-like robot, inspired by the way snakes move in water, can swim and glide with precision, making it useful for underwater inspections and repairs.

Spot Mini

This quadruped robot, designed by Boston Dynamics, is modeled after a dog, and can navigate through indoor and outdoor environments with ease.


This flying robot, modeled after a dragonfly, can hover, fly forwards and backwards, and even turn on a dime.

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This eight-legged robot, modeled after an octopus, can crawl and move through tight spaces with ease.


These tiny robots, modeled after ants, can work together in colonies to accomplish complex tasks, such as building structures and carrying objects.

MIT Cheetah

This four-legged robot, modeled after a cheetah, can run at remarkable speeds, making it useful for search and rescue operations.

Bionic Kangaroo

This robotic kangaroo, modeled after the marsupial, can hop and jump with remarkable precision and efficiency.

The Robot Dragonfly

This insect-like robot, modeled after a dragonfly, can fly with incredible speed and agility, making it useful for reconnaissance missions.

Smart Bird

This robotic bird, modeled after a hawk, can fly with incredible speed and precision, making it useful for aerial surveillance and reconnaissance.


This crab-like robot, modeled after a real crab, can crawl and move over rough terrain with ease.

Wild Cat

This four-legged robot, modeled after a wildcat, can run and jump with remarkable speed and agility.

E-Motion Butterfly

This flying robot, modeled after a butterfly, can fly and hover with precision movements, making it useful for monitoring air quality.


This giant snake-like robot, modeled after a prehistoric snake, can move and slither through tight spaces with remarkable precision, making it useful for industrial inspections.

The world of robotics continues to be inspired by the incredible abilities of animals in the natural world. With the speed at which robotics is developing, I won’t be surprised if we soon start having robots made to mimic microscopic organisms; perhaps, we have them already.

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