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Israeli Cyber Security Startup Sentra Raises $53 Million In Seed Funding Round.

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Sentra was founded in 2021 by Asaf Kochan, the former Commander of the IDF’s elite cyber security Unit 8200, Yoav Regev, who led Unit 8200’s Cyber Department under Kochan, Ron Reiter, and Yair Cohan.

“The data attack surface might be a relatively new concept, but it’s based on principles security teams are well aware of — increasing visibility and limiting exposure. When it comes to the cloud, the most effective way to accomplish this is by controlling where sensitive data is stored and making sure that data is always travelling to secure locations. Simply put, as data travels, so should security” said Yoav Regev, co-founder, and CEO of Sentra.

Sentra DSPM solution gives security teams comprehensive access to, control over, and protection from sensitive data breaches throughout the whole public cloud stack. With the aid of the company’s data security platform, businesses may identify and address the main data security issues in their public domains. It automatically determines whether confidential information is exposed as a result of setup errors, excessive permissions, unauthorized access, data duplication, or other security flaws.

Sentra Funding Round
Sentra, an Israeli cybersecurity startup recently completed a $30 million Series A funding round led by Standard Investments with participation from Munich Re Ventures (MRV), Xerox Ventures, Moore Strategic Ventures, and INT3, as well as existing investors Bessemer Venture Partners and Zeev Ventures. The new funding raised came just 18 months after the company was founded. To date, the company altogether has raised a total of $53 million in funding.

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