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Germany Based APK Raises €130M In Seed Funding Round

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One of the many issues bedeviling our ecosystem present is plastic waste. Nearly 80 million tons of plastic packaging waste are produced annually around the world. At the moment, only 10% of the resources are recovered by recycling. The remaining waste is burned, buried, or uncontrollably released into the environment. A true circular economy is something that is increasingly needed. The limit to the capabilities of today’s traditional recycling methods have been reached. For a sustainable future, novel recycling innovations are crucial. APK recycling specialist helps to achieve sustainability goals and recycling quotas by using the Newcycling process.

In doing this, APK creates pure granulates with characteristics akin to virgin plastics from complicated waste streams, such as mixed plastic trash and multi-layer packaging, using our solvent-based Newcycling technology, and the procedure is both economically and environmentally helpful.

Instead of having to go through the energy- and money-intensive operations to repolymerize the plastic, as is the case with chemical recycling, it is retained.

Typically, mechanical recycling methods can only yield regranulates of a quality that is only appropriate for downcycling uses.

“Newcycling allows to recover from packaging waste again pure polyolefins for re-use in packaging.”

APK Seed Funding
The Merseburg, Germany-based plastic recycling company had raised €130M in funding. The fund sponsors included MIG capital, chemical company LyondellBasell and KIRKBI A/S, the family office of Kirk Kristiansen.

The company said that the funds riased will be used to build two new factories.

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