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AI Trends To Watch In 2023

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As we dive deeper into the digital world, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be potent a agent for this disruptive change. Artificial intelligence (AI) has now become integrated into our everyday lives and it is even hard to dispute its effect on everything- from chatbots and virtual helpers like Siri and Alexa to automated industrial equipment, self-driving cars, and more. It is projected that in 2023, governments and corporations would be spending more than $500 billion on AI globally.

The technology achieved by AI includes machine learning (ML) which consists series of sophisticated software algorithms designed to perform a specific task, such as answering questions, translating languages, navigating, and much more.
To fully appreciate the development of AI, below is the list of AI-powered technologies to watch out for in 2023 and beyond.

1. Generative AI

Generative AI is a cutting-edge technological advancement that utilizes machine learning and AI to develop new forms of media such as video, photos, sounds, or even computer code, by generative AI algorithms. Generative AI can create new material that has nonexistent in the digital world. Just like OpenAI’s GPT-3, one of the most highly talked about generative AI models. GPT-3 is capable of producing text as though it were human-written.

2. Sustainable AI

In 2023, there will be pressure on all businesses to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint. Sustainable AI is a movement aimed at fostering change in the entire lifecycle of AI products (i.e. idea generation, training, re-tuning, implementation, and governance) to ensure greater ecological integrity and social fairness.

3. Explainable AI

AI needs data to learn, which often consists of personal information such as health or financial information in most use cases. For many of the most valuable and potent AI, this might be extremely private data.
Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) is hence a set of processes and methods that permits human users to understand and trust the outcomes and output created by machine learning algorithms using this information gathered.

4. Large Language Models (LLMs)

Large Language Models (LLMs) are artificial intelligence tools that can read, summarize and rephrase texts and predict future words in a sentence thereby generating sentences similar to that of humans. A perfect example is the ChatGPT-3 developed by OpenAI.

5. Augmented Working

In 2023 and beyond, most humans will be working alongside robots and intelligent machines created to assist them in conducting their duties more effectively. This may come from smartphones that provide workers immediate access to data and analytics tools to assistive robots, AI-powered wearables, and virtual assistance.

2023 and beyond will lay host to mind-blowing AI innovations and integrations of Artificial Intelligence, the list is just growing.

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