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WhatsApp now allow users to undo deleted messages

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Since WhatsApp released the feature that allow users delete messages, many have accidentally deleted messages they would have otherwise wanted to retain. Some times, users have used the wrong delete feature, for instance, using “delete for me” instead of “delete for everyone”, and since the action is irreversible, the damage remains. However, the story is about to change.

WhatsApp has announced a new feature to improve user experience on its app, allowing users to undo the “delete for me” action, and save themselves from embarrassment in cases where the “delete for everyone” feature would have better served.

With this new feature, users will get a 5-second window to undo a message that was accidentally deleted in both private or group chats.

The feature, which is called “accidental delete” has been in test by beta users since August, and Meta has now decided to release the feature globally to its users on both Android and iOS.

To undo the “delete for me” actions, users will have to tap the undo icon that appears after using the “delete for me” feature. This will bring back the message that was initially deleted. The undo icon is programmed to appear for 5 seconds, after which the deleted message will be gone for good.

Source: TechCrunch

WhatsApp introduced “delete for everyone” in 2017, giving its users the power to unsend messages. At the time of release, the feature worked with a grace period of 7 minutes, however, the timing was later extended to 60 hours.

WhatsApp has been working on features that improves the in-app experience of its users. The app is planning to release improved call features soon. The call feature will include the use of Call links, ability to message or mute participants, have up to 32 persons on a call.

WhatsApp is also planning to activate the picture-in-picture feature, which has been active on Android for a while now, on iOS.

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