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Sony Acquires Beyond Sports – A 3D Animation Company To Complete Sports Metaverse Experience

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The Metaverse is shifting us from the old ways of social interaction devoid of experience to an immersive mode of social interaction with replete experiences.

Big and startup tech companies have begun exploring and exploiting the opportunities in Metaverse, but little reason keeps being in the news.
Since Facebook changed its name to Meta implying metaverse, we have witnessed a surge in the adoption of metaverse across the board.
Just recently Sony an electronic and entertainment giant announced its acquisition of a 3D animation company (Beyond Sports) to provide a metaverse experience in the sport.

Sony’s Beyond Sports Acquisition
Sony made public recently its acquisition of Beyond Sports, a company specializing in producing 3D animation using real-world data. With this purchase, the company is now reportedly able to offer a full metaverse experience for sports matches. Nikkel estimates that the acquisition might cost as high as $70 million, tp090hough Sony is yet to make the numbers public.

Beyond Sports together with Hawkeyes Innovations another company owned by the conglomerate — will allow the company to produce, in real-time, content relating to basketball, baseball, tennis, and football matches. Hawk-Eye Innovations produces tech that allows pinpointing the position of the ball at any time and has been used by organizations like the National Football League (NFL) and National Hockey League (NHL).

Combining these two might allow Sony to create a digital, accurate representation of a field or a court, featuring realistic ball and player movement and may also be able to offer metaverse matches using its line of Playstation consoles as a distribution device.

The company is developing a virtual reality (VR) headset exclusively for its console, dubbed Playstation VR 2, that is confirmed to be set for release in February 2023, and could be used to enjoy these metaverse experiences in an immersive way.

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has also stated before that Sony’s “priority is to create a metaverse around entertainment,” using all of the tools that the brand has for this purpose.

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