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Lucrative Job Opportunities In The Metaverse You Never Knew Existed

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You must have heard a lot about the Metaverse, intrigued by the potential it holds in making our overt interactive world an experience. In all of these, you may be asking- what is in it for me? How do I make marks and a means from this deeper interactive space beyond being an end user?

We know the Metaverse as a virtual world in which people can live, work, shop and interact with others seamlessly over the internet- all from the comfort of their homes in the physical world. Accessing the metaverse is as simple as putting on a virtual reality (VR), AR (Augmented Reality) or an MR (Mixed Reality) headset and holding a set of controllers. While its biggest use at present is gaming, the metaverse will increasingly be used for shopping, education, job training, doctor’s appointments, socializing and many more.
The advent of the Metaverse is springing loads of amazing job opportunities, some of which include:

Metareal-Estate Agent
One of the cool ways to make money in the Metaverse is by becoming a Meta real-estate agent. With metaverse property sales topping more than $500 million in 2021. To make it big in metaverse real estate, you will have to find virtual spaces in demand that you can eventually sell to clients with extra cash on hand.
The Sandbox Metaverse is one of many great starting points for beginners. Celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton have already purchased property here, which has attracted a lot of attention from the media and fans who are willing to pay thousands to live near someone famous.

As a connector, all you will be doing is seeking out the best potential game projects on the Roblox forum and connecting these creators with potential investors willing to invest money into them in exchange for a share in the project.
With over 9.5 million gaming developers on Roblox, there’s no shortage of creators who need help with funding to create and launch a game. This is where you come in.
As a connector, you can seek out these investors on websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo or by networking with people in the metaverse community who have extra cash to spend. Once you have sealed the deal, you’ll earn a commission for making the connection. Isn’t that cool?

Becoming a rich and famous influencer in the Metaverse is not a tough job if you have skills. It is even easier compared to highly saturated space conventional media. one of the most influential people in Roblox, Albert Spencer Aretz, also known as Flamingo, is said to be making more than $20 million yearly. How does he do it, you may ask? He does earn that much by simply making funny Youtube videos where he plays Roblox, earning him both ad revenue and donations from his fans. As simple as that, if you think you are another flamingo, then hit the streets.

3D modelling
3D assets are in high demand as the metaverse continues to grow unabated. This presents a unique opportunity for those with the skills to create 3D models. With the right tools and a little practice, anyone can become a 3D modeller and start earning money by selling their creations. You can make hundreds of dollars from selling just one model.

If you have never given it much thought, now is the right time, and you can start practising using the Shapeyard app. This simple tool will allow you to create 3D models that can be exported and sold in the metaverse. Once you’ve mastered the basics of 3D modelling, you can begin selling your creations on marketplaces such as ArtStation, Turbosquid, Sketchfaband the metaverse space which hosts game developers from Roblox and property owners in the Decentraland platform. The opportunities are endless for 3D modellers.
Others include trading gaming assets, NFTs and the like. The list of opportunities is endless for anyone who dares to try.
If you want your success story to be similar? To get started, you’ll want to identify a metaspace that is not crowded and begin writing your game scripts, creating youtube videos, selling virtual and game assets or becoming a Meta real estate agent.

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