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You will soon be able to edit WhatsApp messages

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Lately, WhatsApp has been outdoing itself with features it releases for its users. From end-to-end encryption, to the ability to unsend a sent message, etc.

The messaging app might be releasing yet another feature that will blow everyone’s mind. This new feature will allow users to edit a message that has already been sent, creating a new way to correct errors made in texting, or to add new information.

According to WABetaInfo (a platform that tracks new and experimental features on WhatsApp), WhatsApp is laying the groundwork for implementing the editable messages feature. According to the site, WhatsApp beta version might appear to be where the action is starting from.

As display in the attached picture, the edited message will have a tag on it to notify the parties in the conversation that the message has been edited. According to WABetaInfo, the feature will be available for every messages sent on WhatsApp, however, senders will have a 15-minute window to edit the message, after which, the message will be locked, and editing will no more be possible.

As it happens with the “delete for everyone” feature, WhatsApp does not guarantee that messages will be edited if the recipient does not turn on their device within a certain amount of time.

It should be noted that the feature is still in development stage, and it is unsure when this feature will be made available to the public, as WhatsApp and its parent company, Meta, has not made a declaration about that, yet. However, to enjoy the feature when it is released, ensure to keep your app updated always.

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WhatsApp has grown from what it used to be, to becoming one of the apps that lives on almost every mobile devices on the planet. This is because many people trust WhatsApp as a reliable means to communicate, either by sending texts or documents.

One of the bane challenging messaging services is data privacy and security. While some services might have hacked the solution, some are still largely bedeviled by it, and this has caused lack of trust by users.

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