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5 Types of email campaigns

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As a digital marketer or a business owner doubling as a digital marketer, you will come across dozens of types of email campaigns that achieve different goals for your company. Whether you are just starting out with email marketing or you’re already sending marketing emails to subscribers, you know that emails are one of the best channels to sell — and marketers are always looking for new ways to build relationships and grow revenue. However, this reading will introduce you to different types of email campaigns and what they accomplish. 

Note: A large portion of email marketing is testing out different tactics to learn what works and what doesn’t. You might use all or just a few of the email types below, depending on what is most effective for your audience and marketing goals.

The following are the most common types of email campaigns: 

  1. Acquisition emails: These are emails sent out to acquire new customers. These people didn’t subscribe to be on your email list, so they are not on your email list, they perhaps haven’t heard of you before, but they in one way received your emails in their inbox. These emails are mostly sent when you run email ads.
    They fall into the awareness section of the marketing funnel because they engage potential customers. Sending this type of mail is synonymous with running a social media of google ads.
  2. Welcome emails: these are emails sent out to brand-new customers or subscribers. These sets of emails are sent to people who just subscribed to your email list. The welcome email most commonly exists within the consideration stage of the marketing funnel so They might not yet be your customer.
    The aim of Welcome emails is to start a relationship with the new subscriber. Research shows that only 25% of leads are immediately sales-ready while 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy. Therefore, your aim should be nurturing and encouraging them to initiate deeper engagement and specific actions that will push them closer to the buying stage.
  3. Newsletters: these are emails sent to subscribers regularly. They contain news and informational content relevant to the company and of interest to subscribers. Newsletters are versatile campaigns because they can fall into several funnel stages. They can be in the consideration, conversion, and Loyalty stages. Newsletters fit in the consideration stage when potential customers are getting to know your brand.
    They are part of the conversion stage when customers have decided they like your brand and want to be part of it, and they fit the Loyalty stage when customers keep coming back for more products and content.
    This is why it is advisable to segment your email into stages. You will need to determine your goal before running this type of email campaign. You first have to determine What you want the email newsletter to achieve. You might want to nurture your existing contacts and become the first brand they think of when they need a product or service in your industry. Or your goal might be to remarket a product or service to them after you figure out they left their cart unattended.
  4. Promotional emails: These are sent to inform subscribers of new or existing products or services. Promotional emails are multifaceted, they usually fall into the consideration and loyalty stage of the marketing funnel because they encourage subscribers to take some kind of action.
    They can be designed to promote a number of things, from marketing materials, such as blog posts, webinars, and eBooks, or discounted service offerings. These types of emails can also serve to inform your customer about what’s happening within your organization.
  5. Retention emails: These are sent to current customers with the intent of keeping them as a customer. This type of campaign fits into the loyalty portion of the funnel.
    These people already bought from you, they don’t need nurturing because they are very easy to sell to, all you have to do is keep sending promotional and retention emails to them, informing them of other products or services they might like.


Although these common email types are trusted by industry experts, you will still need to test out different tactics to determine which types your subscribers engage with the most. Consider what you have learned here, but make sure to be adaptable when something isn’t working.

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