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The World First Ever Flying Bike

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I can only imagine how crude and energy-flaring life and living would have been before the advent of most of the technologies we enjoy nowadays.
With the development in technology, we don’t have to expend lots of energy hiking long distances, wait for months to receive correspondence, journey months on turbulent oceans in ships to get to Europe or die of curable ailments due to poor health care. Technology has indeed simplified life without any doubt.

We have witnessed some breakthroughs in science and technology that we will forever live to appreciate. The ease these innovations have brought virtually to all spheres of life and living is worth being grateful for. Technology hasn’t stopped advancing either, from cars to faster cars, electric cars and autonomous cars. Aeroplanes to space shuttles and now we have one of an unusual kind… The first ever flying bike.

The First Ever Flying Bike
XTURISMO the world’s first flying bike made its US debut at the Detroit Auto Show on September 15, 2022. Built by Japanese start-up ALI Technologies. The XTURISMO flying bike is a one-seater bike, 3.7 metres in length, 2.4 metres in width and 1.5 metres in height, and weighs around 300 kgs. It has a cruise time of up to 40 minutes at a top speed of 99.8km/h (62mph).

According to Daisuke Katano, President and CEO of ALI Technologies, “We started developing hoverbikes in 2017. It is expected that air mobility will expand in the future, but first of all, it is expected to be used in circuits, mountainous areas, at sea, and in times of disaster. I am happy to introduce it as the first step of the XTURISMO that is being done and as one of the new lifestyles.”

XTURISMO hoverbike is already on sale in Japan and will reportedly sell for US$777,000 (N338,383,500.00) in the US market in 2023.

When XTURISMO becomes public, it will become a relief in times of traffic congestion, in navigating rough terrains and an alternative to aeroplane travels.

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