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How to make Search engines Prioritize your business For Local Searches.

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You probably already know that search engines are powerful tools for connecting potential customers with businesses. But did you know that they can prioritize your business in the search results if a searcher is nearby or wants options in your geographic area?

What you will learn

If you want to increase the chance of local customers finding your business, you need to know a bit about:

  • How to include key information on your website
  • How search engines choose local results
  • The importance of mobile.

Let’s say you run a grocery store – of course, you want people in your neighborhood to patronize you because one of the major factors of setting up that kind of business is how close it will be to the market. So, there is a way you can tell search engines to prioritize your business to local searchers searching for products or services your business renders.

How to tell search engines to prioritize your business in Local searches related to your business.

  1. Start with the basics, and make sure your website includes information like your business name, your business address, or your service area if you meet with customers at their location, your phone number, and your working hours.
  2. Add relevant content that also helps identify your geographic location. Content goes a long way in helping customers and prospects connect with your business. For a grocery store, the content might include a blog about food the locals (where your store is situated) love to eat and how to prepare the foods you host at your store. 
  3. It could include descriptions, photos, and videos of local foods you sell in your store.
  4. It might include how-to articles about choosing the correct bike frame size with an offer for local customers to visit the shop for help.

6 facts you should know to help you optimize your website for Local searches

  1. It is very important to know that the role of a search engine is to provide the right result, at the right time and in the right place for the searcher. In order to do this, search engines will display search results using the proximity of the searcher to your business, or the geographic area they type in as part of their search.
  2. As you add more local information to your website, and search engines recognize its relevance to local searchers, the better your chances of appearing in the local results may increase, too.
  3. And it’s important to recognize this: you can’t expect your grocery store to appear in the search results when someone wants to find a grocery store in another country. So, it’s better you focus on the areas you serve.
  4. Also, know that your website authority may also be a factor. Just like in the offline world, some businesses are just more established than others. In the online world, businesses that may have had websites around for a longer period of time or have built up a lot of references and content over time can be rewarded by search engines on the results pages.
  5. Take advantage of the local directories of the search engines themselves. Make sure that you’re using services like Yahoo! Local, Google My Business or Bing Local will help the search engines know more about your business and when to list you in their results. Once your business is listed and the physical location or service area confirmed, these local search listings become another way local searchers can find you online.
  6. Make your website mobile friendly: If your website can be found in the mobile search results it can be an important way to connect with customers, so make sure that you’ve got a mobile-friendly, quick-loading website that search engines can understand and visitors love.


What do you think a result for a search on the product or service you render would include?

Let’s say you run a food store, what do you think the search result will include if someone enquires a search engine with “Food store near me” as the search query

If you said “a list of shops in your town that sell food,” you’d be correct.

And if you take a look at the businesses that are showing up, you’ll probably find that they have lots of local listings and websites with lots of relevant content along with detailed information about their business locations. So just follow the steps and know the facts to optimize your website for local searches.

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