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Why You Should Not Use Your Android’s Default Browser

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As we integrate digitalization and all of the benefits it brings into our daily lives, one thing has always been a major concern whilst exploring these benefits – the issue of internet privacy.

In a bid to protect our digital identities and personal information, loads of measures like two-factor authentication, password with mixed characters and firewalls and the likes. However, the threats seem to compound as technology advances with time. Amidst the many fortifications, users still fall prey to cyber attacks, identity theft and data harvesting.

Android Devices And it’s Privacy Concerns
According to android statistics of 2022, the statistics of android phone users stood at over 2.8 million. Many of these Android smartphones come with a pre-installed browser from Google or the manufacturer.

Recent versions of these smartphones have a pre-installed widget that updates you with the latest news most times based on your current location and search history. If you click to check out the news, a new tab will be opened on the default browser. Looking at it from the surface, everything seems perfect, but if we peek deeper, you’ll realize you should probably consider restricting user privacy, disabling GPS or switching to better alternatives. This is why

Many Android OS come with pre-installed Google apps such as Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Play Store and Chrome. Chrome may seem handy and suitable because of the ease of sync with other devices and Google services, but its privacy protection is questionable. Forbes reports that Google has been in the business of data harvesting using its Chrome browser. Despite Google’s claims that it doesn’t sell personal data to third parties, it has been sued for breaking its promises – and a judge declined to dismiss the lawsuit. Beyond the privacy concerns, Chrome is said to be at the top of the list of such browsers with performance issues and extension security. 

It is not impossible to believe that the Information collected from your default browser could be shared with third parties, for targeted advertising or used to monitor user internet activity.
However, to be on the safer side, it is advised you consider privacy browsers such as DuckDuckGo and Firefox Focus amongst others that don’t share your data with third parties.

How To Change The Default Browser On Your Android smartphone. 
1. Download the desired browser, DuckDuckGo, Firefox Focus or any other
2. Open the Settings on your Android phone and head over to the Apps section.
3. On the Apps page, scroll down and select the Default apps option. 
4. Here, you will see a list of app types that allow you to select a default app of your choice. The options you get are browser, phone, caller ID and spam, digital assistant, home (or launcher), SMS, and an app for opening web links.

Privacy protection is non-negotiable, if changing your browser is all that is required – why not?
As much as technology is making life easy and living seamless, it is, therefore, our responsibility to stay safe and guard our internet identity by all means necessary.

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