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Father of the Internet: ‘Solid Project’ Won’t Depend on Blockchain Technology.

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Web 3.0 has been on the news in recent times for obvious reasons which include the decentralisation of digital ownership, its far-reaching borderless connection, myriad of opportunities and its being a viable platform built on blockchain technology that will integrate many of the 4th generation technologies.

During one of the recent conferences of The Next Web website; Sir Tim Berners-Lee (The Father of the Internet) assumed to be the inventor of the WorldWideWeb (WWW), recently indicated that he wants to build his Solid project, a decentralized internet that does not need blockchain technology.

His vision for the next web successor is a decentralized architecture that gives users control over their data, privacy and content.

Berners-Lee has long argued about the need to decentralize his creation, the WWW. That is why, in the framework of The Next Web conferences, he was asked if Web 3.0 meets his wishes, His answer was a simple but forceful “nope.”

Project Solid
Berners-Lee has been working on ‘Project Solid’ for many years. It is being built with standard web tools and open specifications said to be better than Web 3.0 which is based on blockchain.

Berners-Lee’s project solid classified information is stored in decentralized data stores called pods. Which can be hosted wherever the user wishes. Users can choose which apps they grant access to their data. The idea of this project is to offer interoperability, speed, scalability and privacy.

He said, “When you try to build those things on the blockchain, it just doesn’t work.”

According to Berners-Lee, Solid has two distinct purposes: One is to prevent companies from misusing our data for unsolicited purposes, manipulating voters, and generating clickbait. And the second is to provide opportunities to benefit from our information.

In this way, for example, health care data could be shared between trusted services to improve our treatment and support medical research.

“I wanted to be able to solve problems when part of the solution is in my head and part of the solution is in yours, and you are on the other side of the planet, both connected to the internet. This is what I wanted for the WWW. It became more of a means to publish content, but all is not lost”

As we try to grasp the concept of a Solid project which Sir Tim is postulating, let’s also keep in mind the submission of Jack Dorsey former CEO boss who believes web5.0 a combination of web2.0 and 3.0 to be a better successor of web3.0.

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