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Tripp Raises $11.2million In Funding To Build First Ever “Mindful Metaverse”

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As we gradually dive into a more fascinating world that the 4th generation revolution brings, technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, web3 and a host of all others are at the forefront of this disruptive change. Metaverse a big player in this technological transition is taking a turn in redefining the social interaction space with the birth of super immersive, profitable platforms that will not only foster immersive social networking but also open new frontiers for business growth and technological autonomy for all players.

Tripp is the award-winning leader in XR wellness, offering clinically validated, measurable XR and mobile experiences designed for mind-body health.

“Tripp’s innovative platform highlights the unique magic of VR to support people’s mindfulness worldwide and represents an important step towards normalizing the broader discussion around technology’s role in mental health. We’re proud to be part of their journey as we work together to build out the mindful metaverse and help people everywhere foster a deeper connection with themselves,” – vice president Pearly Chen at HTC Vive.

Tripp recently raised $11.2 million in funding to help it continue to create meditation apps that power the “mindful metaverse.”

The funding was raised from Amazon Alexa Fund, Bitkraft Ventures, Qualcomm, HTC, Niantic and Mayfield. Tripp reports that it will use the funding to help meet the growing global demand for mental wellbeing through Tripp’s extended-reality (XR) wellness accessible through augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mobile applications.

The funding comes at a time when access to mental healthcare is a great concern. According to the World Health Organization, the pandemic precipitated a 25% rise in anxiety and depression worldwide, with resources to address these issues becoming increasingly limited.

Tripp’s digital support tools can help users take control of their mental health through meditative experiences.

The company also later confirmed the acquisition of BeardedEye’s world-building platform Eden, which will empower users to customize their Tripp experience, explore digital realities and meet other people.
The launch of Eden on Tripp’s platform will be a step towards building safe, community-driven experiences in the mindful metaverse, the company said.

“We’re grateful that more and more investors are recognizing the need for innovative wellness tools that expand beyond traditional meditation apps acquisition of Eden, we’re one step closer to truly building a mindful metaverse and establishing a safe space for transformative experiences in digital realities, while also empowering creators to join us in our mission.”

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