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Plutoverse Set To Build A Metaverse Of Homegrown Virtual Avatars

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Imagine the euphoria of living in a decentralised social space of in-depth interaction that will not only mirror the physical world but augment it. A virtual space where inputs will be just as commensurate as outputs and every piece of technology owned both communally and individually is all that metaverse entails.

Avatar technology startup Plutoverse is taking the lead in creating a metaverse of homegrown virtual avatars that aims at telling stories inspired by and tailor-made for millennials and Gen Z.

The Plutoverse
The idea of avatars emerged during the 2020 covid lockdown and the co-founders decided to build Plutoverse after six months of discussions.

Prashant Sharma and Arjun Dhurve co-founders of Plutoverse believed that avatars could remove constraints imposed on individuals by wider societal biases. In 2021 the duo thought of a virtual reality world where people can seek entertainment and live their daily lives in their virtual avatar forms.

“We understood that every individual is unique and cannot be boxed into one common category. So we coined the term ‘misfits’ to describe a group of people who want to live their lives on their terms and express themselves as they are.”
Prashant adds that they observed “how thousands of smart individuals lacked confidence”, and “we are always told what to do”.

“While working at my previous startup, NOFILTR, I learnt a lot about consumer psychology on the internet. Most of us are quite self-conscious on the internet about how we look, talk, and express our thoughts. Everything is seen by 100-200 people who get a clear look into our personality. This makes many people anxious. They are constantly seeking approval from the rest of the world and so we wanted to build a platform where individuals could express themselves without being judged,” Prashant tells techpadi.

Plutoverse In Metaverse
Plutoverse is building an AAA virtual open world on the Polygon chain where users can socialise, build, play, and earn.

The startup aims to enable people to find their communities outside physical boundaries. It allows users to create virtual identities in a shared universe where users not just coexist but interact with different people.

“We are building a platform where users can come on board and use virtual avatars to express themselves without the fear of being judged. Users do not have to worry about their social media presence, as their social media links are not linked in the Plutoverse,” Prashant says.

“We can be there via our avatars, roam, talk, and see things. We can go there alone or with friends. Users can do whatever they wish to, whatever they imagine in the Plutoverse, ” he added

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